The fall 2008 anime season begins

I’m pretty psyched about the new fall season. It seems like there’s a lot more shows than the spring season had, which was basically Code Geass… and more Code Geass.

Of course, there’s nothing in the fall season that’s going to have me checking every minute for the fan sub release like CG did, there are a bunch of shows that I think are interesting.

If I start a show, I’ll pretty much watch it straight to the end, no matter how bad it is. If I’m unsure about picking up a show, I’ll read around for some impressions and wait a few weeks to see how it rates, before giving it a shot. But with no further ado, I give you my first impressions of the fall season.


Put aside the bizarre and obnoxiously-difficult-to-type title, this was probably the new series I was anticipating the most, even though I heard very little about the story. But the buzz was that it could be the Higurashi of this season, and as a huge Higurashi fan, it fit like a glove. It’s too early to give it the Higurashi thumbs up, but I really liked the first episode. It moved between the horror, drama and comedic parts really well. Off the bat, it sort of reminds me of a psychotic version of Welcome to the NHK. It’s got promise.

Ga-Rei Zero

I was unsure about picking this up, because the plot description didn’t sound that interesting. And I have to admit that as I was skimming for impressions, I accidentally spoiled myself about what happens in the first episode. But I watched it anyway and still came away somewhat shocked. It’s a very dark series, that takes itself very seriously, has some great action scenes, and incorporates some heart-pumping music as well as any anime I’ve seen.  But the plot doesn’t seem especially unique, so I don’t know if I’ll like this series in the end as much as I do now, but two episodes in, I’ll definitely stick with it.


I adore Haruka Tomatsu. Even though 90% of To Love-Ru wasn’t funny, she made LaLa worth watching. Similarly, her performance as Nagi makes this show go. Of course, it also helps that the storyline seems pretty interesting, even though it seems like it’ll be sort of harem-esque. But Nagi is the star.


The designs are Clamp-esque, although a bit more bishonen. And while I typically like Clamp designs, combined with the whole master-butler relationship made me reluctant to pick this up. I only picked it up after making sure it wasn’t a yaoi in disguise, but one episode through it seems pretty interesting. It’s another dark show for the new season, but it mixes in some silly comedic parts, unlike Ga-Rei Zero or Shikabane Hime. Also, I’m a big fan of Daisuke Ono so it’s good to see him have a starring role. If he wasn’t the star, I probably would’ve passed on it.

Gundam 00

What can I say about this show that hasn’t been said. While it’s no Code Geass, I consider it CG-Lite for the fall season. Season one started off slow, but finished with a bang. Really, the only major knock I have on the series is that none of the characters are all that interesting. There’s no Lelouch, no Kallen, no C.C. Heck not even a Schneizel. But despite that, the action scenes are obviously fantastic, and the overall story’s very interesting, when they stay from the politics. If there’s one show I’ll scramble to get fansubs for, it’s this one.

Rosario + Vampire Capu2

Honestly, I don’t know why I picked this back up. I didn’t really want to, but I watched it last year, and I felt obligated. I don’t mind ecchi, but this is just silly ecchi. The pantsu shots are so blatant, I don’t even know why the girls bother wearing skirts. Plus the story’s boring and the comedy weak to boot. I’m hoping for some development between Tsukune and inner Moka. That’s the only reason why I’m watching this show.

Shikabane Hime: Aka

I was pretty psyched for this only because it was a Gainax production and I’ve typically really liked Gainax’s stuff. The action’s good and the story seems interesting enough, but the ep2 was a considerable notch below ep1 (too much stupid character behavior), so I hope it turns itself around. I’ve also been pretty underwhelmed by the characters and their seiyus performances. But it’s Gainax, so it’ll turn itself around soon, right?

To Aru Majutsu no Index

This show reminds a lot of Shakugan no Shana, right down to the Mami Kawada OP. But it’s got great animation, has an interesting story, mixes in comedy well with the dramatic/action parts and has interesting characters – a good combo. Index, a.k.a., Irukukwu is also super adorable… although that loli teacher is a bit freaky. I’m high on this show and looking forward to it.


It’s JC Staff. It’s tsundere Rie Kugumiya. It’s genki Yui Horie. It’s a love triangle (or square). I swear it’s not Zero no Tsukaima. Although if Taiga had pink hair and a magic wand, it might as well be.  I really do like Rie Kugumiya, but going from Louise to Shana to Nagi to Taiga, I think I may be wearing out on her tsundere characters. But with that said, the show’s enjoyable enough, I do like the main guy Ryuuji and Yui Horie’s character, Kushieda. I know they wont end up together, but I can dream.

Yozakura Quartet

I finally got around to watching the first ep and liked what I saw. I like the character designs and the OP/ED’s are great. The story so far wasn’t mindblowing, but it was interesting enough. To be fair, it’s rare to be blown away one episode in. I think this’ll be one of those consistent animes that’s just enjoyable to watch straight through. I do hope they mix in a bit more comedy in the future eps, as I don’t see it as a type of show that should be too dark or take itself too seriously.

And there you go. My belated intro to the fall 2008 season. I may pick up a couple more shows along the way, but these are what I plan on focusing on. Actually, I’m also looking forward to checking out Tales of the Abyss, but coincidentally enough, I just started playing the game, so rather than ruin the story, I figured I’d finish the game before watching the anime.

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