Thoughts on Tales of the Abyss

It struck me as I watched the anime version of TotA at how good the English dubbing voiceover is for the game. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have the original Japanese version as a frame of reference, but I think NAMCO did a fantastic job of picking the voice actors for the game. Jade has that perfect arrogant, sarcastic tone. Tear. Luke/Asch sound good in vascillating between arrogant and insecure. American Tear has a lower voice than Yukana Nogami does on the anime series, but I like it just as well. And Anise, Guy and Natalia sound good as well. The only one I didn’t like was Mieu’s voice, it took a while to grow on me. It was more annoying than cute. I don’t know if that’s what they were going for, but it made me fully support Luke’s abuse of Mieu early in the game. On the flip side, Japanese Mieu just sounds really cute, which is I think what they were going for. If I remember correctly, I NAMCO did a good job with Tales of Symphonia too, so maybe picking good VO is one of their strong points. Continue reading “Thoughts on Tales of the Abyss”