Kannagi, episode 6

Why do I love this show?


Because Nagi is such a loose cannon. I typically really dislike girls like these in real life (not that I know very many like Nagi). But in the anime world I find them so irresistible. And hilarious.


Oh yeah, and apparently even gods have body image issues.


Tsugumi you sly devil you. Another one that’s unfailingly funny.


If I were Jin, I’d be most embarrassed by everyone thinking that I was crushing on my half-sister. Thankfully they’re not related (the cousin-love storylines always weird me out), but no one else knows that. That’d be the first thing I clarified to everyone.


Nagi is not my sister! Honto ni!


Unsurprisingly no one seems to bat an eye at that fact though. There must be a culture gap here somewhere. If I knew someone who was crushing on his half-sister, I… I… I think I would never speak of it under any circumstance.


This also cracked me up. My reaction was the same as Akiba’s. Tsundere characters are also irresistible. Maybe because they’re pretty rare in the real world too.

In the end, I’m glad Jin got his confession out there. I feel bad for Tsugumi, but it seems like she never really had a chance.

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