To Aru Majutsu no Index – Episode 6


So for the first 15 minutes of the episode, it was basically Index going berserk…


Probably because while Touma was giving her the hand, he still managed to spend about 10 minutes of that time chastising Kanzaki and Stiyl about what terrible friends they were. Apparently, because 25 minutes of lecturing to Kanzaki in episode 4 wasn’t enough.


Then apparently Touma ran the marathon to end all 5-yard marathons in taking a good 10 minutes to run across a tiny apartment room to knock out Index.

And that was the end. All 25 minutes of Index goodness.

Well, no, not really. But it felt like it. I have to say I’m becoming increasingly disappointed with the writing of the show. The animation, the visuals look fantastic. But the pacing of the show is wacked, and the writing hasn’t been very interesting. Even the big action scenes get bogged down by too much unnecessary dialogue.

However, the episode did redeem itself in two ways:


The first was getting lovable Index back. The show is just much better when it’s not weighing itself down with the seriousness of its pseudo-symbolic story. WMD Index < Kawaii Index.

The second was Touma’s memory loss. Kudos on the initial red herring they threw out when Touma faked his non-memory loss. I was thinking they copped out when he said he was fine, but was actually surprised when they revealed that he was just relaying what he’d been told and in fact had indeed lost his memory. This should make things more interesting. I also hope the memory loss applies to Touma’s gift for lecturing.