Kannagi, episode 8


So Daitetsu and his runaway train imagination was in full force for this episode, both figuratively and literally. I’m glad they picked up the thread that I wrote about before, mainly, why wasn’t anyone commenting on Jin apparently being attracted to his sister. Daitetsu’s imagination when he seemed to catch on was hilarious, and took a turn for the better when he overheard Nagi talking to Jin about not spilling the beans. Nagi is apparently pretty Zero Louise-esque in Diatetsu’s mind.


Things take a turn for the serious when Nagi fully freaks out Daitetsu, causing him to race to the shrine to repent for stealing the Holy Tree. Perhaps Nagi really does have a dual personality.


But this being a lighthearted show doesn’t hang on the drama too long, instead opting to go into Diatetsu’s obsession with finding out what was going on with hilarious results.


Of course, this wouldn’t be Kannagi without some random bits of violence and humor, like the random blue dude and green haired fairy running out of the bathroom. I know there’s a reference to something in there.


The characters are all so likable, even when the reaction are predictable, I still find them funny. And that’s really what I like about the show. I care less about how the whole Nagi/Goddess angle actually pans out, because I so thoroughly enjoy the ride along the way.

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  1. I've always thought Daitetsu was weird. That imagination of his was running wild non-stop this episode.For a moment I thought I was watching Takumi have of one his delusions. You know, with the clickable green & red on top of the screen. Crazy.One of the best episodes of the season if not the best. After this I demand a second season.

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