Kannagi, episode 9


“It’s a Sony!”

Another week. Another hilarious episode of Kannagi. This is one show that does not fail to deliver the laughs week-in and week-out. Although they seem to have strayed from the main story a bit, I don’t mind because these “filler” eps have non-stop laughs, and they help to further define the characters and their relationships (unlike say a To Love-ru filler which were just completely vapid). But onto the screens.


Akiba’s been all sorts of funny all season long, although he gets schooled by Takako in the yaoi-lingo scene.


People’s first reactions to doujin always crack me up. I can’t not think of the scene in Lucky Star where Kagami picks up the Souseke-Gauron fanfic, anytime this happens. But Tsugumi decided to go in for seconds. So maybe she’s not as pure-pure as Takako thinks.


This whole scene where Tsugumi was denying Jin being interested in Daitetsu was pure win. Something about the way they animated her flailing was incredibly cute. It was sort of like a cross between Elaine’s chicken dance and someone dodging punches.


Of course once Tsugumi accidentally spills the beans the reactions, from the frightened responses to Daitetsu’s not-so-secret admirer, were hilarious.

kannagi13 kannagi15kannagi16 

I’m glad to see Zange back in action. Especially the surprise entrance at Jin’s house. There’s something very Ami Kawashima about her. Actually, I would love to see Zange in battle royale with Ami in trying to steal some hearts. If I were to bet… hmm, it’d be a really good battle I think. I don’t know. I’d give Zange the slight edge, just because of her nun motif.


I’m running out of syllables for hilarious and funny, but the whole scene where they’re discussing Jin “growing up” while looking through naked baby pictures just cracked me up.


The resolution of both Zange and Tsugumi flirting with Jin worked out to fantastic results, with everyone thinking that Jin swung both ways and was like a black hole playboy, just sucking in everything and everyone he desired. They always set this up well, but I love the running gag with Tsugumi only being able to cook veggies and eggs. It never fails to crack me up.


More for the weekly funny faces gag. The only other anime I’ve seen that rivals Kannagi in funny face hilarity was Seto no Hanayome, which was even more random and outrageous than Kannagi.