Ga-rei-zero, episode 12 – Fin


So blue butterfly boy actually answered my question pretty early in the episode. Seems like the reversion back to “normal,” is the person trying to retain their soul, to control their inhibitions. During the fight, there were a few moments where it looked like Yomi was affected/moved by what Kagura was saying. Though it didn’t prevent her from trying to kill Kagura, I’d like to think it was her trying to stay in control. Continue reading “Ga-rei-zero, episode 12 – Fin”

Ga-rei-zero, episode 11


This time it was Kagura’s turn to hesitate and cost someone their life. The beast battle was pretty awesome, and Kagura’s dad was doing a number on Yomi, until she diverted his attention by attacking Kagura and sliced him in half. To be honest, I thought he was dead then and there. It wouldn’t have been the first time that someone was literally chopped into pieces by Yomi. I’m guessing the death stone at least kept him alive a little while longer. Continue reading “Ga-rei-zero, episode 11”

Ga-rei-zero, episode 10 – full circle


Episode 10 comes full circle, right back to where we were in episode 2, with plenty of recycled footage to boot. Normally, that sort of stuff really annoys me, but I was cool with it this time around, because we’re now watching it knowing the full back story. For example, when I was first watching ep 2, I thought Yomi had been gone for a while, but knowing that these battle scenes happened right after she escaped the hospital (same night), adds a lot to the story. Continue reading “Ga-rei-zero, episode 10 – full circle”

Ga-rei-zero, episode 8

ga-rei-zero2 ga-rei-zero3

The episode starts off with a backstab. Mei and her father strip Yomi of her title as successor, her room, her sword and kick Kagura out of the house. If Yomi wanted revenge, she’d be perfectly justified. But she shows no signs of wanting revenge, ultimately consoling herself by the fact that Kagura is her “last treasure.”
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Ga-rei-zero, episode 4

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Four episodes in, GRZ finally gets a proper OP, it’s pretty solid, nothing outstanding, but the upbeat song fits well, and the opening scenes do a good job for pumping you up for what’s to follow. For a twelve episode season, they’ve made some interesting decisions. Obviously, the most obvious being introducing and demolishing the cast in episode and then reintroducing a new cast in episode two. Keeping the show OP and ED-less in episode one (very nice use of sound effects and background music instead). And now holding off introducing the OP until they were 1/3 through the season. I guess, even though it’s a short season, the plot has a singular focus – the breakdown of Yomi and Kagura’s relationship, and the turning of Yomi – so they feel like they can be a little unconventional.

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