Lucky- I mean, Kannagi, episode 10

The Karaoke ep. It’s eponymous. Like the White album.


This week on Lucky Star, Konata mixes it up by bringing some guys into the mix. This was also the scene of the battle 0.5 between Zange and Tsugumi, which was the best part of the episode IMO.


For some reason, this was the first ep where I noticed that Shino never opens her eyes. Funny, because they come back to it at the end.


Zange and Tsugumi battle 1.0. Zange draws first blood by playing stupid to seduce Jin to sit next to her.


Not only does Tsugumi’s duet get rejected. Zange quickly swoops into tend to Jin’s heart. Poor Tsugumi.


More crazy shrine maidens!


And then they start singing. It was pretty much as expected. Tsugumi was sort of off key, but cute and nervous. Daitetsu was a hidden virtuoso. Nagi who looks sort of like she belongs in a German beer festival sings a strange song about soybeans, which ends up being endearing in a weird sort of way. Jin, of course, turns out to be horrible. Not bad enough that it’s enjoyable and fun. But bad enough to turn the situation awkward. Although I’ll say from personal experience when people aren’t paying attention and there’s all sorts of other things going on in the room, it’s tough to keep going.


Takako meanwhile doesn’t let Akiba escape without singing an obscure ani-song, which predictably ends up boring everyone else, but was oh so funny.


Meanwhile, it turns out Takako is really the Lord of the Otakus in this universe. I’ve never seen anyone do karaoke like she did in real life. I wonder if it’s one of those things where it’s funny in anime, but no so much in real life. I’d like to see it one day though.


I get the biggest kicks out of Tsugumi’s weekly reactions. Like when Zange dedicates a love song for Jin, and while she turned out to be a surprisingly bad singer, it was in a undeniably cute sort of way. And when she latches onto Jin, it finally sets Tsugumi off. Good for her. That was a pretty ballsy showing. She is not gonna sit back and just take it like your stereotypical spineless childhood friend/crush.


But in the end, it was Daitetsu who steals Jin’s heart, proving that yes, Jin gets whatever he wants. He is an insatiable animal.


The eyes of Shino.

This ep wasn’t as funny as the last few eps, but was still an enjoyable romp. It does seem like they’ve taken a pretty big detour from the main storyline though. I don’t follow the manga, so I don’t know what’s supposed to happen, but I wonder if they’re just planning to stretch it out to a second season.  I mean, at this point, I’ve forgotten what the main story is about. Something about Nagi gaining followers so she can become a super shrine maiden and Zange possessing the body of some girl who likes Jin. Oh well, I’d totally dig a second season, so I’ll just enjoy the ride for now.