Kannagi, episode 11 – Nagi gets serious

Episode 11 of Kannagi takes a sudden turn towards the dark and serious. I actually thought the transition was sort of abrupt and thus felt a bit out of place, but it’s good to see them go back and start moving the plot forward again.


But of course, not before some good old fashioned mahou shoujo parody. I’ve never watched a mahou shoujo, but based on all the parodies I’ve seen of them, I think I haven’t been missing out on much. I gotta say that was one helluva long fight scene though.


One thing I really like about the series is that there’s continuity from episode from episode. So the things that happen in standalone episodes carry through, which just makes the situations that much funnier. The Jin as two-timing playboy will never stop cracking me up.


Oh Takako and her brilliantly perverted mind. This game would be an instant bestseller.


And then the second half of the episode takes a very sudden turn towards the dark and mysterious. I have to wonder about Hakua/Zange’s dad. He seems unphased by Jin’s “Nagi as God” theory, and then questions whether she is a God or not, which makes me question a.) how exactly he found out that Zange was possessing his daughter’s body and b.) what does he know about Zange and Nagi for that matter. I’m also wondering how much Zange knows about herself and Nagi, since in past episodes, she seemed to have more power and better control over it. No doubt the more mysterious, godlike version of Nagi’s personality will show up to shake things up and shed some light.