Kannagi, episode 12 – the penultimate melodrama

Kannagi took a very sharp dramatic turn halfway through last episode, and they pick up where they left off, only increasing the melodrama this episode. Whereas last episode, I thought the dramatic shift was awkward, this episode, I thought the comedic bits were actually a bit clumsily dispersed.

Jin1Jin and Daitetsu

I’ve mentioned this before, but for an episodic comedy, they really do a good job of making sure there’s week-to-week continuity. It’s the little things that count. Like Jin’s injuries from last week not magically disappearing. And all the girls in the hall scrambling and whispering every time Daitetsu approaches Jin.

Zange 1Zange 2 Zange 3

Good to know that even in the Kannagi world, godhood = kickass powers. That was not just your simple teenage nun-cosplay idol ass whooping there. Pretty awesome to see, but it was a pretty random scene too. I guess it’s supposed to show Jin that Zange has some major powers, but it came out of left field.

Zange 4

Equally random was Norio Wakamoto’s silly cameo. Oh how far Charles Britannia has fallen. The best part of this was Zange’s quick change to cute mode. It’s one of the cute dynamics rules. If you go from kickass to cute in a split second, the cute gets amplified by an exponential factor. There’s a Nobel prize waiting for someone who’ll do more research on this.


For a second, I thought even Takako was going to get through an episode without being outrageous for once. Apparently they’re still holding out for more of a code red, terror alert type of situation before you’d ever see her completely serious.


I like Jin’s descent into madness- I mean despair. Desperation makes you do crazy things. And while I think he became extremely depressed surprisingly quickly, I thought the way he responded was pretty well written.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad episode. There was some important information between Jin’s conversations with the shrine keepers and with Zange, and while they ended up raising more questions than the answered: is Nagi really a God, or a random spirit the sacred tree attracted? I doubt they’re going to answer that next week though, because I think Jin’s pretty much accepted that Nagi is just Nagi. I’d also be surprised if they got any answers to Zange’s bodysnatching ways, so at least they’ve got plenty of fodder for a possible second season.

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  1. When Kannagi started I thought about the possibility that Nagi might not be a real goddess after all but I discarded that possibility after they introduced Zange, who at least at that time confirmed that Nagi and she were in fact related.

    Wakamoto, Norio’s voice is awesome. He has a deep and serious voice but he can also sound hilarious at the same time. It’s hard to put into words. Short interesting story, I heard Wakamoto for the first time as the outrageous Onsokumaru in 2×2=shidobuden. Crazy comedy/parody about ninjas, innuendo included, with plenty of lulz. Surprisingly enough, it was one of those shows where pure absurdity was more than welcome. Anyway, by the time the CG was out my brain still couldn’t process the idea that Wakamoto = very serious bad guy.

    Wow, even Charles acknowledges Zange. I would have been even more random if the Wakamoto cameo was followed by a “All Hail Zange!” Unfortunately that never materialized but who knows it might probably show up in some amv on Youtube. Zange’s quick change into cute mode was a sight to behold. The secret and complexity of it lies on a very complicated formula which magnitude would be no less than the “fun^10xint^40=Ir2” equation. As you said before, there’s probably a whole field study about these peculiar things in anime somewhere. Mind you, I see an incoming post regarding this pressing matter in a near future.

  2. lol, with all the anime references they’ve made, i’m surprised they didn’t go for an “all hail zange” route. yeah, i love wakamoto’s voice (i keep referring to him as wakanorio in my head), it’s so instantaneously recognizable. and like you say, it’s both frightening and funny at the same time. can you imagine getting yelled at by him in real life?

    i’m looking forward to that post on the dynamics of moe. you can never get enough moe.

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