Kannagi, episode 13 – ending on a high note

The beginning of the episode picks up right where episode twelve left off, with Jin sulking in front of his locker.

kannagi1 kannagi2

Fortunately for him, Tsugumi kicks him right in the balls (figuratively speaking, and dresses him down for acting like such a wuss. Kudos to Tsugumi. She’s not just a cute overran, but she’s a cute overran with a spine. Luckily for the rest of his, this snaps Jin out of his funk and he chases after Nagi with Tsugumi providing support. How Jin could possibly be the one person in Japan who doesn’t have a computer in his house boggles my mind. But luckily for him, Tsugumi has connections to the interwebs, which turns out to be all the help they need, since Nagi is somewhat of a hometown celebrity.

kannagi3 kannagi7

While I thought the dramatic scenes in the past couple eps were unnecessarily melodramatic, I thought the reunion scene was actually pretty touching. And even if it was a bit k-drama-esque. The mood fit. Kudos to Haruka Tomatsu. This is really the first time I’ve heard her go into a very dramatic mode and I thought she did a fantastic job showing Nagi’s vulnerability and lack of confidence in the situation. And I guess I couldn’t let it pass without also giving kudos to Hiro Shimono on his job with Jin. The writers basically plopped a very melodramatic scene into a pretty random comedy, and both the VOs ran with it.


With all the drama out of the way, they leave with a cute Nagi x Jin scene and come back home to a scene with Daitetsu trying to figure out the answering machine, which had me laughing out loud.


And then it’s full on fanservice and comedy mode, featuring Zange’s new hilarious hit song about dolphins or some sort of nonsense, Jin’s naughty thoughts of Nagi, then his naughty thoughts realized when he knocks Nagi down, leaving her conveniently covered by her hair and a corner of a towel.


Of course, you knew Tsugumi walks in at the worst possible moment, and proceeds to completely flip out, but like past events, just knowing that it’s coming makes it that much more hilarious when it does. Actually, I think everything Tsugumi-related is hilarious. I’ve read that her role diminishes in future volumes of the manga, which would be sad to see, as she’s become maybe my favorite character in the show. Ah well, we’ll always have season one, her fried eggs and vegetables and constant losing battles with Zange and Nagi.

Some final thoughts to follow, but while I was slightly disappointed with the last couple eps, this one ends the show with a bang, literally and figuratively. Here’s hoping for future seasons. *fingers crossed*

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