Ga-rei-zero, episode 7


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from anime, it’s to never bring back the dead. Especially when they can act normal and not be easily detected as… well, the living dead. Things always end up going poorly.

ga-re-zero2 ga-re-zero3

This episode serves as a bridge between Kagura coming to terms with her role and fate, and the carnage that’s sure to follow in the last third of the season, by focusing on Kagura’s reaction to having killed her school nurse. The first humanoid she’s killed. Long story short, she doesn’t react well. She breaks down when she sees Yomi. She breaks down when the new school nurse re-enacts the same scene between Kagura and the last school nurse (it was so similar, I thought it was a flashback for a second). And then she breaks down when her friend, Yacchi, strangely decides to confront her at the cemetery. I’m not sure why Yacchi decided to take her anger out on Kagura. Apparently, she’d forgotten that moments before Kagura arrived, she was in mortal danger. Of course, they come to an abrupt reconciliation at the cemetery. This whole scene was a bit odd and forced. It was as if the writers were just trying to show Kagura being kicked while she was down. It worked to some degree, as I did empathize with Kagura, but this and the nurse scene were over the top.

One random thing I have to mention is that the girls have the cutest lip designs I can ever remember seeing. That small bottom lip line/shading really brings out the depth.


Lol. Haven’t we seen these guys before? For a second, I thought they’d been turned into the blue butterfly boy’s minions, but then I remembered that we’re living out the flashback. Oh, Natsuki, you were so awesome with the motorcycle fighting in episode 1, back when I thought you were the heroine. At least these two are happy alive and well, for now.

ga-re-zero8 ga-re-zero9

The episode also lays the foreshadowing down really thick. But it works exceptionally well, because we know exactly what happens. The things that Yomi says to Kagura while she’s practicing with her, and then when Yomi’s talking with Noriyuki just resonate in my mind, and makes me sad knowing that she’ll end up the same as Mei, and becoming the ultimate enemy. I keep hoping that Yomi and Kagura will pull out a miracle between now and the end of the show. I imagine this is what I should’ve felt when watching the Stars Wars prequels if they weren’t so shoddily written.


If Mei’s psycho killer vibes weren’t tipping you off, this next scene should’ve. If there’s another thing I’ve learned, not just from anime, but from basically any TV show or movie, is never turn your phone off, or leave it behind somewhere. The worst possible thing always happens at the worst possible time. And of course, Kagura comes home to find that her uncle, Yomi’s father has been killed. It’s been a rough couple days for her.

Next episode: Revenge and Yomi’s descent into the dark side.

2 Replies to “Ga-rei-zero, episode 7”

  1. I’m rewatching it and just for the Natsuki-Toru cameo I’ve been re-realizing how solid and well-thought is this anime.

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