Ga-rei-zero, episode 8

ga-rei-zero2 ga-rei-zero3

The episode starts off with a backstab. Mei and her father strip Yomi of her title as successor, her room, her sword and kick Kagura out of the house. If Yomi wanted revenge, she’d be perfectly justified. But she shows no signs of wanting revenge, ultimately consoling herself by the fact that Kagura is her “last treasure.”

ga-rei-zero4 ga-rei-zero5

It’s somewhat unclear how much of Mei’s words and actions are hers, and how much is spurred by the Death Stone. Based on the blue butterfly boy’s explanations, it seems like it simply “pushes” what the person is feeling, because we see that when the stone loses power, Mei recognizes what she’s done and feels remorse.

ga-rei-zero8 ga-rei-zero9

I liked the fact that GRZ turned conventions on its head. Once Yomi received that phone call after seeing the blue butterfly boy, I expected that she was heading out to help the team, which would come back to haunt her later. This always happens. It’s like the converse to the never leave home without your phone rule. But in actuality, she tracks down Mei, leading to a fantastic battle between the two. The soundtrack during the fight was great. I also liked that in the end, she didn’t hesitate to kill Mei, even when the stone loses power and Mei slips back into normal mode. Contrast that to Kagura, who’s still coming to grips with that part of her role. There’s no doubt that there was anger driving Yomi, but I think she also recognized that Mei wasn’t Mei anymore, and she had a job to do.


Holy shit. GRZ does not F around. Again, GRZ does a really great job turning conventions on its head. Yomi easily knocking away the two initial shards was expected. But the rain of shards that came down on Yomi was shocking. There was none of the superfluous villain-hero banter, no drawn-out battle, it was simply the BBB asking if she wanted the power too, then BAM. Yomi is apparently left for dead. You knew it was coming. But still. Absolutely shocking.

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