Maria+Holic, episode 3 – Alaria what?

Sadly, this ep was low on Mariya and Matsurika time, but it was still pretty good.

Mariya’s double-edge kindness. A new bag for Kanako… with monsters.
mariaholic1 mariaholic2

After the Ryuuken fans destroyed Kanako’s bag with the seafood bomb, Mariya comes to Kanako’s rescue by giving her a new bag. Non-returnable, of course. Is there really a monster in there? Is it really alive? So Kanako turns to Matsurika for reassurance.


Bad idea for Kanako. Good fodder for all Matsurika fans. The lesson here? NEED MOAR MATSURIKA!


When Kanako plans to go pray with Ms. Teddy Bear with her “rosary,” Mariya stops her and tells her what a real rosary is. Who knew Mariya was such a stickler to rules? So Mariya gives Kanako her extremely valuable rosary (with a 150 million yen jewel embedded, to boot), just to watch Kanako fret and suffer about losing or breaking it. Obviously, we know exactly what’s gonna happen next. That rosary is not getting out of this episode unscathed. And true to form, Kanako still on the Ryuuken fan hitlist, is sent into a frantic frenzy, when one of the Ryuuken fangirls, pretends to throw the rosary out the window.


This leads to the best bit in the episode, when Kanako apparently finds God’s cat ears and tries them on. I loved how Asami Sanada says the “nekkomimi bloomer” line. It was so cute, funny and wrong at the same time.

mariaholic14 mariaholic11

Fortunately, for Kanako this sets off the yuri harem flags when first, the megane comes to her rescue. And later, Ryuuken-sama declares her yuri protection as well. Apparently, everyone in this school is a beautiful yuri. Man, the things I’ve missed out on in my lifetime. Mariya, meanwhile, did not seem too pleased by Ryuuken-sama’s confession. A yuri love square begins.

The thing with SHAFT shows, is that there’s so much stuff going on, an episode can be good, and yet still have more “misses” than a crappy show. The whole alaria monster thing? Either I didn’t get it, or it just wasn’t very funny. I think both. Kanako’s inner monologues are usually pretty good, but the detective bit wasn’t anything we haven’t seen from her before. The whole scene where Kanako’s looking for the rosary? Who didn’t see that coming a mile away? I think they’ve established all the main characters pretty well. Kanako’s the naive, overanxious “heroine.” Mariya and Marsurika are the devious, anti-villain foils. Ryuuken-sama is the knight in shining armor. And so on. Now that the yuri harem flags have been raised, I hope they start moving the story forward.

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