Kurokami: Black God, episode 4 – There’s something about tera

In case you’re wondering, not much happened this episode, so there’s not much summary I have to write. Lucky me. Not so lucky for plot development. Essentially, it picks off where the last episode left off with Kuro and Keita on the run.


They end up in a diner, where Kuro goes gaga over the delicious food options. Somehow Kuro ends up eating more than $200 worth of food at this diner, which probably isn’t going to be confused with a Four Seasons anytime. If you do the math, if a regular entree costs $15 and a desert costs $5, it’s safe to say that she had 10 servings of dinner and dessert. Mototsumitamas apparently eat like elephants. I do find the random faces that Kuro makes to be pretty funny and cute though. It’s in stark contrast with the show’s generally darker and grittier designs. To be honest, it doesn’t really fit, but I like it anyway. It’s hard for me to say no to kawaii things.


But anyway, Excel, the video game-playing, Akiba-name-dropping loli, and her contractee, Steiner, are tailing Akane, because she has an unusually high tera reading.

Keita calls Akane and tells her what happened at school, and she comes to meet them at the diner. Keita bitches like a baby about being contracted for a while, but eventually calms down. They talk about calling the police, but Keita and Kuro decide they can’t for two very different reasons. Keita, because he doesn’t know how to explain the situation and because he thinks they wouldn’t believe him (fair point). And Kuro, because… well… she’s apparently on the lam, having broken out of jail after being arrested for stealing bananas. Don’t know how she got caught in the first place – maybe she was going the nonviolent resistant route – but I won’t bother to harp on it. Keita’s concern is fairly realistic though. I’m merely glad they had the discussion about reporting it to the police in the first place. Perhaps my expectations are too low, but all too often shows skip the most obvious course of action.


We learn why the konbini voyeur seems to have an eye for Akane, it’s because her root is one of the villains and is looking to complete her master rootedness. Akane’s cute despite her constant dopey look (or maybe because of it). But evil Akane’s downright spicy due to her bad girl edge… That had nothing to do with the story, but I figured I’d point it out.

Meanwhile, the beatdown schoolteacher is dragged back to Kuro’s brother and ends up one ear short of a full set. I’m not sure if Kuro’s brother was serious about “testing” out whether he could do contracts with body parts other than the heart, but he’s a pretty sick guy. At the very least, he finds out that the Mototsumitama on the loose is indeed his sister.


Later, Keita realizes they’re being followed and splits with Kuro and Akane, only to get hunted down by the Tribal Ends, which I can only assume is the name of Kuro’s brother’s gang at this point. Kuro, still not at full strength due to the contracting, gets her ass handed to her by the bike gang. Lucky for them, Steiner steps in at the last moment to save them, dusting the Tribal Ends without breaking a sweat. For some reason, Keita is more pissed off that Steiner and Excel were tailing Akane, than he was pleased at having his life saved by Steiner, and proceeds to sock Steiner right in the face.

Clearly that was a stupid idea. Not only in the traditional sense, but also in the cultural sense. Because now he’s effectively challenged them to a duel. Not quite as eloquent as the deep south-style white glove, face slap duel challenge, but I guess it gets the point across.

Although it was a stupid move for Keita to punch Steiner, I was a little excited by it. Could it be that Keita has grown a pair? Is this a step in the right direction in Keita’s quest to not be a whiny, little bitch? Does Yukari Tamura get any more awesome than when she switches between her cute Rika voice and sage Rika voice in the same breath? Stay tuned, we’ll see next week in Kurokami.

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