Kurokami: Black God, episode 5 – Things are getting… sleepy

A ten minute fight scene means there’s not much plot progression. So I figured I’d try something different and follow along in more of a diary style. Hopefully the one column format doesn’t look like crap on widescreen monitors…

So this is what contractees do. Seems like the easy life.
Akane and Keita look sleepy. Or bored. Maybe both. Watching Kuro get beat up apparently has a tranquilizing effect.
What? Why? Shouldn’t Mototsumitamas get along? Is this why they’re going extinct?
Coach Keita brings the motivation.
Battle scenes were sharper compared to the previous couple episodes.
Wait for it…
BAM! No one ever accused Keita of being quick on the draw.
Oh, this better not lead to what I think it’s gonna lead to.
%#$&! Transformation scene! Lame!
Akane still seems sleepy.
Solid effects.
Loli shield. Keita will never have.
#$%&! Now everyone’s @#$%ing transforming.
This is an Exceed I’d rather have.
Wait for it…
Oh, I see what you’re doing Sunrise. Sneaking in a little moe there. Clever you are.
Seriously Akane. You can let go of the dog now.
Turns out they’re not really bad guys. Nor is Excel a kid.

What else did we learn? Akane’s brother, Hiyou, has disposed of his subordinates and hired a professional killer. Wack things started happening in Japan 7 years ago. And based on a picture, it looks like Keita’s mother, or perhaps her root was involved in some shady dealings with Hiyou at Okinawa. Next stop? Okinawa!

We are now getting to To Aru Majutsu no Index territory (although I don’t think Kurokami is nearly as bad as Index). While I have no intention to stop watching the show, the quality has gone downhill to the point where I’m getting somewhat reluctant to keep writing about it. I hope it improves over the next couple episodes, as I hate “dropping” things. But I also don’t intend to hang onto a “chore.” I guess we’ll see.

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