Haruhi-chan and Churuya-san are live


Kadokawa punked the Haruhi-fans by webcasting a short video about a “nice boat,” instead of the Haruhi-chan parody video. The fans punked back with rage, which led to Kadokawa pulling the video (that link won’t work) and offering a half-hearted apology.

So now the Haruhi-chan parody is live (subbed version here), as well as the Churuya-san smoked cheesecapades.

So after one prank after another, what’s the verdict?

Well, the Haruhi-chan parody is alright. Nothing special. And the Churuya-san escapades are amusing, but I think I preferred it in 4koma form.

Let’s just say they’re not gonna replace the non-existent season 2 in the hearts of the Haruhi-fandom anytime soon. But perhaps Kadokawa’s learned that you can’t keep dragging the same joke out for two years.

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