Minami-ke: Okaeri, episode 7 – How can something so wrong…

Feel so right!? This ep was just wrong in so many ways, from the trap-fantasy smashing toilet scene to Chiaki’s vigorous wipedown. And while there wasn’t much outright fanservice it was definitely one of the more risqué and ecchier episodes of Minami-ke, but one of the funniest too.

Part 1: LET’S BE (trap) FRIENDLY


okaeri3 okaeri4

Makoto can’t get no love as male Makoto, but as soon as he transforms into female Mako-chan, she becomes a shoulder groping, 3-legged race running, sweet nothing whispering, chick magnet machine! And by the end of the scene, all that girl-trap bonding gave Makoto the confidence he needed to grab hold of Chiaki in pure manly fashion, and lead her to the promised land. Of course, she responded by decking him, but it’s that no holds bar, I’m not going to blush about playing tag or sharing utensils, I’m going to grab this girl because I’m a man, and I want to – that’s gonna make Makoto a stud when he hits his teenage years.

Unless his fantasy comes true and he grows boobs – in which case, all bets are off.

There were a couple cute Chiaki moments in this ep. One was seeing unconfident, humble Chiaki worry about being a bother, because she’s bad at sports. It was also nice to see the Mako-chan and Chiaki friendship grow – in contrast to the complete disregard Chiaki has for male Makoto. It’s amazing what a hairpin and some girl clothes can do for you. Oh, if I only knew these tricks of trade in my formative years. Alas.

Part 2: Getting in Mako-chan’s pants



Just in case you were getting a little too comfortable with Mako-chan the trap. This disturbing, but hilarious scene should’ve snapped you back into reality. It’s a minor miracle that bakayaro Makoto has been able competent enough to pull this charade off for so long. Especially, when he’s doing things like going to the bathroom standing without locking the bathroom door. Of course, as Uchida points out, without Kana’s help, Mako-chan probably would’ve been outted long ago. It’s funny Kana doesn’t even flinch when she walks in on Mako taking a leak. Shows what she thinks of him.

Part 3: Getting in Haruka’s pants… or dress



I lol’d at Mako and Kana’s whole, “I’ll quit when someone gets suspicious,” “Isn’t that like saying you’ll quit smoking after you finish these cigarattes” conversation. It’s one of those it’s funny, because it’s true things. And of course, when Maki comes in and comments on Mako-chan’s flatness, he asks Kana for what to do because Maki seemed suspicious. Speaking of which, I don’t know where Maki looks when she’s looking at girls, but she noticed Mako-chan’s anti-bustiness faster than you can say “trap.”

Let it also be noted that Mako-chan got more action in this episode than Fujioka has gotten for the past 3 seasons. Not only did he get snuggly with Chiaki. He had some alone time with Haruka. He received Chiaki’s confession. He got to wear Haruka’s old clothes. And he saw Haruka half nekkid. That’s a helluva lot of (sort of) action in about… oh, twelve minutes of airtime.

Part 4: Getting under Mako-chan’s skirt



Oh, and then in the thirteenth minute, Mako-chan gets a rubdown from Chiaki. Oh man, this was sooo wrong. Hilarious. But soo wrong. I imagine Mako-chan has learned many life lessons from the events of this episode. There should be no situation that he can’t face without being able to protect his trap identity. Clark Kent wishes he received the same training Mako-chan has.

Amidst the ecchiness, the Tanuki stories were actually pretty well placed and interesting anecdotes that fit the scene well. Innuendo included.

Part 5: Couple’s cups for you, me and… are you suggesting something Kana?



The other cute Chiaki moment was seeing her cry after breaking everyone’s mugs (mostly because she broke Haruka’s cup). The Minami sisters then go out shopping for mugs, because I guess they only have one mug for each of them. And somehow they end up all buying the same mug, because Chiaki and Haruka don’t follow their hearts and get the mug of their choice. Well, they decide to try again, and Chiaki and Haruka get the mugs that they originally wanted to get. But having extra mugs is disgraceful, so Kana decides to give the two extra pink mugs away. She gives the first to Touma, who gets really psyched about it. I don’t know, maybe mugs are in short supply in Japan. But it was funny to see her go gaga over a simple pink mug.

Then she gives the last extra mug to Fujioka, who starts to freak out, because he thinks it’s a sign that they’ve gone beyond just being lovers. But like last week, it turns out to be just a big tease. Either that or Kana’s got some kinky things in mind. Because just as he’s marveling on the cup, Touma walks in with the third cup. Either way, I think Fujioka’s head is going to explode sometime soon. It’s time he got some lessons from Mako-chan about the intricacies of the fairer gender.

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