Melancholy of Haruhi-chan and Nyoron Churuya-san #3

I have no idea what the scheduled release dates are for these webcasts, but I guess they’re not weekly. Actually, I’m not even sure how many webisodes there are supposed to be. I’ve been assuming 12-13. But since it’s Haruhi, who knows. Kadokawa might run a handful of episodes. And then they might air a long lost episode of the real season 2, and then Nice Boat you the rest of the way. Now THAT would be cruel.

Anyway, the episodes seem to be getting shorter and shorter. Haruhi checks in at 2:32, while Churya hits 1:46. Check Haruhi out here, and Churuya out here. Also let it be known that my words carry the power of Geass, because it was only 2 days ago, I wondered why they didn’t release a high-quality version of Churuya-san, and what do we get today? A high quality version of Churuya-san. Voila!

Let me test my luck here. I don’t know why Kadokawa and KyoAni won’t release the real 2nd season of Haruhi. Especially since everyone knows it’s been done for over a year and is ready to air any day now. *Waits* *Crickets chirp*


So the webisode highlights a Haruhi-hosted quiz show between Kyon and Nagato. Perhaps I’m missing some cultural references here, but the whole skit fell flat to me. I was more amused by how Aya started out sounding like Haruhi and then at the halfway point switched to her Konata voice, with the neko smile to boot.


So where can I get a cute, huggable plushie of Churuya like Kyon’s holding? Meanwhile, Churuya in all her high-quality glory, wastes the time rifling through 10 second jokes of her nyoro-ing at SOS-dan activities. Kawaii? Yes. Funny? Not really. Need MOAR Asahakura-Churuya love rivalry. Also, Churuya should be spokesperson for this awesome site.

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