Maria+Holic, episode 7 – It’s all about the yuri subtext

Note to self. Don’t invite God to play Clue. She solves all mysteries.


So last week’s underwear thief cliffhanger didn’t end up having much legs, because God came in and solved the mystery within the first minute. When in doubt, it’s always some baka inu going around taking other people’s underwear. (Although when they said underwear last week, I thought they were talking about underwear of the pantsu kind. Walking around without a bra on doesn’t seem as big a deal.) Kanako then assumes the role fo baka inu and steals the underwear anyway. Anything for kicks.


This episode focuses on the previously uninteresting – and still uninteresting – archery club leader, Yuzuru and her jealousy over Momoi and Kiri’s budding yuri friendship.



While the whole Yuzuru subplot wasn’t that funny or interesting, thankfully the Mariya-Matsurika-Kanako interactions were. From Mariya’s abuse of Kanako, to Matsurika’s theories on Yuzuru’s depression, to Kanako’s reverse Sayonara Zetsubou moment, in which she felt happy about graduating up from a “filthy thing” to a “brown rat,” I never get bored with the three of them beating up on each other.



Unfortunately, like I mentioned, the main story was pretty run of the mill. Momoi and Kiri become best friends, Yuzuru gets jealous and depressed. But in the end, it turns out they were just sneaking around because they were trying to find a good birthday gift for Yuzuru and because Kiri’s apparently tsundere for Yuzuru. If you don’t see much room for humor and zany antics, well, you’d be pretty much correct. Oh well, I guess not every episode can be a winner.


Next week? Look forward to Kanako’s big birthday performance!

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