Kurokami: Black God, episode 6 – Keita is stupid

Kurokami is schizophrenic. It’s all over the place. feel like the writers are trying very hard, but failing miserably at keeping the story cohesive and sensible.


So what did we learn in this episode? One thing we didn’t learn is that Keita is stupid. Two examples:

  • Keita tells Kuro not to mention the Okinawa trip to Akane, because she’d get worried. Well shit. If I had a friend – who just survived a near-death battle, and an attack from a biker gang – suddenly mysteriously disappear, I think I’d be a lot more worried about what happened, than if he’d just have told me that he was skipping out of town to lay low. Not to mention I’d be worried about myself, seeing as how my face had been revealed.
  • Keita needs Shingo to help him realize that Kuro could die while fighting. *facepalm* Where has this guy been for the last few episodes?


We did learn that Mikami, the mercenary that Hijou hired to capture Kuro (before he wanted to kill her, now he just wants to capture her?) is somewhat of a sympathetic character, as she’s doing what she’s doing to help keep Shingo, her contractee (and love of her life) alive. Which leads us to the big reveal…


Keita turns out to be a sub. (It’s not much of a reveal.) Subs don’t have enough tera to support the contract with Mototsumitamas, and end up growing old and dieing very quickly. Like Shingo, a sub who’s 30 going on 90. However, because Keita’s an idiot, the first thing he does when he sees Kuro is blame her. Conveniently forgetting the fact that he’d be a dead, bloodied stump if Kuro hadn’t contracted with him in the first place. He might’ve been able to avert the fight between Kuro and Mikami, if he had told her why Kuro contracted with him, but whatever. He’s stupid, we’ve already established that.


Meanwhile, Mikami is incensed at Kuro, and accuses her of seeing people only as tools for fighting (without explaining why she contracted Shingo the sub, herself). I think she forgot all about the job Hiyou gave her, because she seemed pretty hell-bent at killing Kuro to break her contract with Keita. Keita seeing Kuro get beat down, and having newly realized that Kuro could die, vows that he doesn’t want to see anyone die again and basically orders Kuro to basically kill Mikami… Umm, yeah… So the two synchro, which leads to Shingo and Mikami synchronizing, which leads to both Kuro and Mikami trying for the one-shot kill so they don’t drain their sub’s tera too much, which leads to a Mikami pounding Kuro with a 15-punch combo… So much for that one-shot kill. Kuro, to her credit, does get in her one shot, but fails on the kill part. Luckily for her, Mikami cuts the fight short when Shingo collapses from the tera-drain and dies unheroically.


I don’t know what Mikami is planning to do in that picture above. Throw Shingo out to sea maybe? Anyway, it looks like Kuro and Keita are safe, since Mikami’s reason for fighting is gone. Maybe she’ll come to join them later in the season, as she wasn’t really a bad guy. She leaves the two with the some advice: get close and form a strong bond. Why? I don’t know. It didn’t seem to help Mikami and Shingo that well. Maybe she just wanted to sound wise.

Some thoughts:

  • I know Mototsumitamas are tough, but the fights lose their impact when brutal punches end up not leaving a scratch. I feel like the animators are getting in their masochistic kicks animating Kuro getting beat the crap out of every week, only to have her look perfectly fine in the next scene.
  • No screenshots, but I was more intrigued at Excel and Steiner’s investigation of the Mototsumitama massacre at Hiyou’s place. Shame they skipped all the fighting there.
  • The story has gone sideways for a few episodes now. I completely forget what the point of this show is.
  • I dislike how they’re animating Akane’s facial expressions. She always looks completely sleepy and apathetic. Also, was she just waiting out in the van while all the fighting was going on in the backyard?
  • Why is Kuro so clueless about all of these aspects of Mototsumitama life? She should’ve known that subs could die if contracted with.
  • The whole show would be more entertaining if Kuro wore the gothic lolita outfit she had on a few episodes ago than those rags she’s wearing now

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