Blog Pimping Chain Letter

I’m an unabashed noob, so my list is short, but what the hell. I’ll keep the party going with my terrible, terrible haikus.

From Martin: (I don’t know Martin, but since everyone’s calling him Martin, I assume that’s his name 😉 )

Here’s my attempt at irony: a recently-established blog that somehow tries to draw attention to other blogs. Heh. Actually the reason I’m posting the links here is that I’ve started to find I’ve been moving more and more feeds on my feedreader into the wittily-titled Hiatus Disease folder; a feeling shared by others if this is anything to go by. Fresh meat for your feedreader is important so without coming across as arrogant (I know I rule but that goes without saying, right?) I want to see more posts like this one from the rest of you. Hit me with your Recommendation Stick!

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