Kurokami: Black God, episodes 7 and 8 – A glimmer of hope

After a handful of episodes, a show has pretty much established what it is. If you jump to watch it the moment it’s released, it’s probably a 9-10. If you don’t mind waiting a day or two, it’s probably an 8. If you don’t mind waiting a few days to a week, it’s probably a 7. If you don’t mind waiting for more than a week (or two or three), it’s a 6. And if it’s 5 or below, you’re pretty much ambivalent about when you watch it (if ever).

Also, shows typically don’t tend to get better as the season progresses (although it may get much worse). So it’s unlikely that a show starting out at 5-6 level is going to jump to a 8-10 level at any point. Although I’ve seen plenty of shows that I thought had 8-9 potential end up with lower scores.

What does all this have to do with Kurokami? Well, after a solid first couple eps, then a sharp decline, I think it’s turned itself around in these couple episodes and is settling comfortably into a 6 level: somewhat entertaining, but wholly forgettable. Having recently started on Macross Frontier, the difference between an 8-10 and a 6 is painfully apparent. Macross Frontier is so good so far. But I digress. I only mention all this to serve as a precursor for my (probable) eventual post on why I’m not going to write about Kurokami anymore, but let’s not worry about the future for now and enjoy the fact that Keita is redeeming himself.

Episode 7 – Excel’s kiss






Keita, Akane and Kuro set off to head to Okinawa and along the way run into a Mototsumitama named Yakumo. He’s contracted to a Master Root named Riona, who used to work at the Konbini company (Kaionji), but is now pissed and wants revenge because they tried to do some experiments on her. Turns out Yakumo is an old friend of Kuro’s, and served her when she was the princess of her tribe.

After some Keita pouting, Kuro explains that she’s out to kill her brother, because he killed everyone in their tribe, including their mother, and is set to wreak havoc on the world. Meanwhile, as she tells Keita the story, Hiyou tracks them down at the airport, cops a feel and then proceeds to whomp on Kuro and Keita. Luckily for them, Yakumo senses a disturbance in the force and saves Kuro for a day.

After the fight, Keita tries to convert Kuro into becoming an emo like himself and Kuro bursts out in tears at the thought of it. This gives Keita an epiphany and he renounces his emo ways and vows to fight with Kuro until the end. Later, Excel arrives to give Keita a battle accessory and steals a loli kiss to Akane’s dismay and Kuro’s visual virginity.

Episode 8 – The beach episode






Akane, Kuro and Keita arrive at Okinawa for some fun in the sun and to find more information on the photo with Keita’s mother. They visit Keita’s grandfather’s place, who’s fine with all of them staying at his house for as long as they need.

As they head back home after some fanservice and beach play, two raggedy Mototsumitamas make a surprise attack on Kuro and Keita. As has been recently the case, Kuro gets her ass kicked by the two little kids, and they hang Keita so they can’t synchro. However, Excel’s battle accessory comes in most handy, as it frees Keita from a lynching, allowing them to synchro and quickly pound the kids into submission.

Turns out the overeager kids are the only remaining members of their Mototsumitama tribe and have vowed to protect the Holy Stone. However, while they don’t have to worry about Kuro and Keita, they can’t do anything about Kaionji flying in a bunch of Master Roots into Okinawa, in order to draw out the power of the Holy Stone.


Episode 7

  • All this time I thought Hiyou was Kuro’s brother. I’m glad he’s not, because I’ve been thinking he’d be a pretty lame final villain
  • Reishin (Kuro’s real brother’s name) seems a bit more interesting, although I’m disappointed that he’s just another villain who wants to destroy the world and build it anew. These damn generic villains and their generic messiah complexes
  • The massacre scene was pretty outrageous
  • I like Yakumo and Riona, she’s got some spunk
  • Although, will Mototsumitamas just “contract” with anyone? Revenge doesn’t seem like a very good reason for contracting
  • Kuro needs to level up or get some battle accessories like Keita, because she’s getting her ass handed to her every episode. Even when she synchros. Remember when she used to win fights on her own?
  • There was a hint of redemption in Keita towards the end as he shed his sulking ways. Perhaps he’s a salvageable main character yet
  • Everyone’s reaction to Excel’s kiss was pretty hilarious

Episode 8

  • lol @ Akane’s Excel jealousy. She looks like a 10 year old, I’m sure Akane doesn’t have to worry about the competition
  • Everyone loves the beach episode. They even managed to move the story along
  • More smiles from Keita in this episode than all the other episodes combined. Was it because of Akane in a bikini and Kuro in a bathing suit? Who cares. If anything is going to bring this show up from the mire, it’s Keita graduating from suck to awesome. That’s what I’m pinning my hopes on
  • lol @ Kuro’s dog collar bathing suit
  • Akane should’ve been making the moves on Keita when she was drunk
  • Why do all the Master Roots appear to be evil?
  • Keita’s grandfather is instantly likeable – tough looking, martial arts expert, likes to drink, is easygoing… I hope this doesn’t mean he’s going to die

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