The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan #5 and 6

A double feature of Haruhi-chan, while Churuya-san is still MIA.

Haruhi-chan #5



Link to video here. Basically a retelling of the video game battle against the Computer Research Society, except there’s no Haruhi-Mikuru exploitation scene and umm… no video game, because Haruhi destroys it and challenges the CRS to a real game of dodgeball.

Haruh-chan #6




Link here. A few short skits mostly highlighting Nagato, although Mikuru finally gets some air time, as she finds herself wrapped in a cosplay battle against Otaku queen Nagato and then being shocked when she learns of Kyon’s addiction to PG-rated maid eroge. The final skit features the comic duo Nagato and her easily persuadable and easily offended chibi partner, Achakura.


Not only is Churuya MIA, so are the high-quality version of the videos. I mean it’s not like it’s necessary considering the animation, but it makes me wonder what the hell Kadokawa is doing? If they had an option for high quality before, why would they get rid of it? It just leads me to think that they’re not really invested in this. Anyway, onto the webisodes.

To be honest, the original “The Day of Sagittarius” was much funnier than the parody version. The Mikuru-Haruhi raep scene, Haruhi’s flying drop kick, Haruhi’s frustration with “defense,” Nagato not knowing how to use a mouse – all hilarious. The stuff in Haruhi-chan #5? Meh. Not so much. Also, I know everyone’s using sort of a parody voice, but I wish Aya would use a non-Konata voice. It’s really throwing me off (although I really do like Yuko Goto’s parody Mikuru).

Haruhi-chan #6 was actually not bad. It felt as if the Haruhi universe had been transposed into the Lucky Star universe, and was probably the best of the bunch so far. Two thumbs up for Mikuru and Achakura’s freak outs.

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