Maria+holic, episode 8 – It’s a cosplay party!

Remember what was supposed to happen from last week? I don’t either, and neither does Maria+Holic (something about Kanako’s birthday gift to Yuzuru?). But we’re moving onto bigger and better things. It’s the Virgin Mary Festival time, which to Kanako means all the hot young nubile girls get dressed up in angel gear and go around doing what angels do best. You know… yuri stuff.


There’s something funny about a cosplaying tranny chiding a yuri about acting properly at a missionary school. What would Kanako do without Mariya and Matsurika to keep her in line? Besides dream of all the girls in Ame no Kisaki dressed up as angels.


Mmm… a passionate discussion about the Virgin Mary. Wh-what!? Wait a second.

Give Kanako credit. She never falls out of character, whether she’s losing blood from one thing or the other or getting beat on by Mariya. And she’s a damn great opportunist. Using her ignorance as an opportunity to get close to Hayari’s croissant curls and vice president Natsuru’s, beautiful flowing black locks? That’s so obvious, why didn’t I think of that!? Umm, I’m not sure I understand what this Virgin Mary Festival is either. Natsuru? Hayari?… Mariya? Anyone?




Kanako also seems to be getting bolder, asking for Hayari’s bust size and whether or not she hates Mariya. Perhaps her repression is reaching a boiling point. I think she needs a release. I mean she was thisclose to ravaging Momoi’s loliko angel body right in the middle of the classroom until Yuzuru smacked her in a jealous fit.

It was funny to see loli-Mariya and Shizu mastering their cross dressing craft at a young age (with loli-Matsurika serving them dutifully, even though they apparently haven’t changed her outfit for almost a decade). I thought they only started cross dressing for high school, so I expected Hayari to be in on the secret. It’s interesting that she’s not.




The highlight of the episode was definitely Kanako’s cosplay angel song. Her deviously perverted sounding voice during the song was high hilarity. *fufufufu*


Is Matsurika angry that Kanako hasn’t made a pass at her? Or is SHAFT just saving that for the twist ending when they decide to run off and elope? And where can I find a maid with a killer 3-point shot like Matsurika? Kanako meanwhile, clearly grasps the true meaning of “crisi-tunity” and makes the most of the opportunity by getting upskirt shots of Hayari and Natsuru. Is Kanako the luckiest or the unluckiest yuri in the world? I can see why she’s on the verge of blowing her top. Everywhere she goes her yuri sensibilities are getting teased. Watch out Momoi. You’re the easiest target.


Otherwise, the deeper discussions about religion and praying seemed terribly out of place within this yuri trap show. It was sort of interesting, but somewhat of a drag.

Next week: Asura has broken out of Ame no Kisaki and eaten Yonakuni! Can God and the rest of the Death Scythe trainees save the day!?

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