Minami-ke Okaeri, episode 9 – Bakayaro

Chiaki’s shrew-like tongue is sharp as ever with Bakayaro’s flying left and right. After a good stretch of hilarious episodes, this ep was pretty average. The odd timing for a Christmas episode didn’t help either, although I still got a chuckle out of the Hosaka hallucination.

Part 1: Brought to you by the orange growers of the world



After watching this little skit, and Kana devour those delicious, little orange slices I had a hankering for some oranges myself. Actually, clementines specifically. When Uchida finds Kana and Touma fighting she tries to get Makoto-kun to help out… as if the whimpy, incompetent Clark Kent persona of Makoto could do anything. No, this is a job for… Mako-chan!

It’s pretty funny that he refers to his cross-dressing get-up as a “transformation set.” Yeah, it’s trans- something. I wonder what his parents would think if they happened upon all those girl clothes one day. Would they think he’s growing up a little too quickly? Or that he’s just a confused little boy? In reality, it’s both isn’t it? Anyway, Mako-chan doesn’t solve the fight between Chiaki and Touma, but he and Uchida do stumble onto find who the real enemy is… It’s those damn orange growers.

Part 2: It’s starting to feel like… Smarch.


Like I mentioned, the timing felt out of place for a Christmas-themed episode. I couldn’t quite get into the Christmas mood, even though it is extremely cold and sort of snowy outside. Lousy Smarch weather.

Chiaki comes home having knitted an oversized stocking, but tells Haruka and Kana that she doesn’t care what present Santa brings. Haruka and Kana are skeptical and end up re-gifting (or forward-gifting?) some mittens that Fujioka got all for all of them as presents. And then the skit ends. Yeah, there really wasn’t much to this one. Even Fujioka nervously giving a present to Kana didn’t have a punchline. I AM (HUGO) BOSS lingerie, perhaps? Nah.

Part 3: Another crap gift for Touma



Between crappy birthday gifts and crappy Christmas gifts, no wonder Touma’s all jaded about receiving gifts. This is eventually going to turn her into a girl who’s either really easy or impossible to shop for. When Natsuki forgets to give Touma her Christmas gift because of an intense gaming session, he figures he can skip Christmas, since she’s at the age where she doesn’t need any more gifts. That is until he gets dressed down by banchou Haruka, who apparently helped him pick out a present. I don’t know if Hosaka is aware of this illicit relationship between the two, but I don’t think he’d be pleased.

There were a couple amusing moments in this skit, like when elder Minami brother scolds Natsuki and when Touma just keeled over onto Natsuki during their gaming session (e.g., the *thunk* sound effect), but this was another skit that didn’t really have many legs.




It’s been a long while since I’ve gotten into a real Christmas-y mood. At least a few Christmases. I think I’d be more apt to get in the mood if there were more Santa-dressed girls in real life. But failing that, Hosaka declaring “I AM SANTA!” would be a close second. I like how Haruka basically turns into Atsuko in all of his fantasies. I’m telling ya, he’s barking up the wrong tree.

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