The Spring 2009 Season – A selfish look ahead

Sea Slugs! has a really nice summary of the major Spring 2009 shows debuting. So does Bokutachi. And if you do a google search, you’ll find a handful of other blogs that have done really nice write ups as well. And if you’re really interested about everything that’s playing, Metanorn has an image with all the shows that are supposed to air this season.

Meanwhile… you arrived here to find… links to other sites. If I had a marketing team, they’d be pretty upset with me. And they’d be really upset to find that I’m just going to turn this post into a self-indulgent exercise of new shows I hope to follow, as well as older shows that I hope to catch up on or rewatch. But lucky for me (and maybe you too), this is a one man show, and I call the shots. And I promise this’ll be a fun ride.

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