Maria+Holic, episode 9 – Blood is in the air…

…and in the water, and on the walls, and on the ground, and ALL OVER the Virgin Mary Statue. Good God, what have we done?


In case you were worried (I’m sure you weren’t), Yonakuni is alive and well. While he did happen to stumble across one of Ame no Kisaki’s mysteries, this one has more to do with a closet full of items with tragic histories than any soul sucking demons. Does anyone know what all those items are? Virtual boy and Dreamcast are easy to figure out. And I guess that’s the Nintendo Power Glove, although I don’t remember it ever being green. What are the other two? Is that little egg shaped thing a tamagotchi? I have no clue what the black console is. 3DO?


For a SHAFT/Shinbo show, once you take away the zany visual effects and gags, the Maria+Holic storyline has actually been very straightforward and linear. This episode picks up where the last one left off, with everyone preparing for the Virgin Mary cosplay party.

Mariya and Matsurika kick it off by telling Kanako that’s she’s gone off the edge beyond normal people territory and into hentai-land. To prove the point, Mariya puts her moe-ist act on and asks Kanako to lick her foot, which Kanako gladly accepts until Mariya holds her down in an effort to re-educate her. Mariya then tests her again, and Kanako passes grudgingly with a chorus of voices reminding her that Mariya is a trap. This was just a hilarious scene and the trio of chibi Kanako voices had me rolling.



Later as the school prepares for the festival, Ayari has flashbacks to the reason why she hates Mariya. Years ago, when they were little angels preparing for a parade, Mariya was pushed into Ayari, and ended up ripping her clothes straight down her back, revealing Ayari’s Panda Chang panties. Actually, judging by the location of the mole, it looks like it was Shizu who committed the offending act. Either way, once Panda Chang was revealed (and I loved how Ayari/Shizu delivered the line, “Panda… Chang?” and the voice Miyu Matsuki uses for kiddie Ayari), it subjected Ayari to years of panda-related nicknames humiliating her.


Then, while she ponders the memory, she sees Kanako get knocked down by a couple of kids who’d been running wiled. She gets up from her float, but loses her footing and takes a flying spill. Is this the end for Ayari?


No! Luckily for her, Mariya rushes over to catch her while she’s falling and prevent another Virgin Mary Festival tragedy. It’s sort of interesting to see Mariya’s more caring side come out, as it’s clear that she’d (or he’d) prefer to not be enemies with Ayari. Could this be the moment where they become best friends?



Well, again, the answer would be no. It was looking like that for a second, but when Ayari hears Mariya accidentally mutter about how heavy she is. She freaks out and of course, escalates the situation, as the buttons pop off from her robe revealing her “hopes and dreams,” and as Kanako later points out, her frilly pink bra. Ayari’s hopes and dreams take Kanako to a new level of bloodshed as she spray paints the Virgin Mary statue crimson and forever imprints her name into history, creating one of Ame no Kisaki’s seven mysteries: the bloody Virgin Mary statue. I wonder if this episode would ever pass the US censors, like a certain other show.



The cosplay party ends there and we get an early ED, followed by a short second part to the episode, focusing on the seven mysteries of Ame no Kisaki, many of which have to do with Kanako leaving her blood in random places around the school. Like the time she spent an hour bleeding into the school pool, fantasizing about seeing her friends in the school swimsuits. And I agree, Momoi does look best in the swimsuit. Although don’t mention that to yandere-in-waiting Yuzuru.

Turns out nobody in the school knows all seven mysteries, because something terrible will happen to you once you know all of them. Mariya and Matsurika are the only ones who know the seventh mystery. And since Kanako knows the first six… it plays right into Mariya’s plans, as she reveals the final mystery to Kanako, leaving the show with its familiar cliffhanger, God knocking down on Kanako’s door.

I’ll be damned if I let an episode slide without a Matsurika screenshot

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