Hinagiku no Gotoku!

Hayate no Gotoku episodes are too hit or miss for me to think about writing about regularly. Plus, assuming it’s 52 episodes again, a good 80% of them will probably be filler. I remember when season 1 started off, I gave it an 8. Then I dropped it down to a 5 during one long stretch of fillers (the butler tournament was soooo boring). In the end, it redeemed itself, and I think I gave it a 7 (episode 49 – the Hinagiku episode was pure win).

The recently released OVA, otherwise known as episode 00, is a case in point. It was pure filler and sort of a miss. It didn’t have much of a story, and merely a fanservice ep, salvaged only by… well… the loads of Hinagiku, Hamster and Izumi fanservice (not to mention every other girl on the show).

So I figure I’ll only write about the show when I care about it. Which is whenever it focuses on our tsundere queen Hina, the irresistable childhood friend, Nishizawa (better known as Hamster), or shock! Izumi, who doesn’t really fit into a specific type, except that she looks like Hamster’s twin.

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