Character profiles, the Wild Wild West of MAL


I’m a huge fan of MyAnimeList (a.k.a. MAL). I find it to be a tremendous resource in ways ANN isn’t (although an unholy alliance between the two would be perfection). Before I start watching a series, I’ll check out the fansub list to see which groups to check out and which ones to avoid. Sometimes I’ll check it out mid-show, maybe to look up a particular seiyuu or something of that nature. Then after the show, I’ll use it, of course, to update my list to reflect the latest things I’ve seen. Or sometimes to recall which episode I’ve watched up to (particularly handy if you haven’t watched a show in a while and don’t want to re-download an episode you’ve already watched). And after each episode I’ll check out the forums to see what other people thought. And last but not least, I often use MAL as a reference when writing, most of time to make sure I’m referring to characters by their right name, using the right spelling, etc. (I have grammar/spelling/detail-nazi tendencies).

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