Maria+Holic, episode 10 – The Matsurika flag has been triggered

GG is apparently taking a break for a while. As a thank you gift, they’ve left us with two versions of the latest episode of Maria+Holic. One in which Mariya plays a reverse trap 50-year old genius doctor with a vicodin addiction, and another in which Mariya is the moe, fanservice-friendly trap that we can’t deny our love for. If you’re interested in the moe, fanservice-friendly trap version, check here.

One of these is a trap. Guess which.



The cosplay party has come and gone without a hitch. That is, if you consider Kanako’s blood geyser, Ayari busting her blouse and Yonakuni riding the lead float to be “just as planned.” Now exam scores are in. Which means the fun ends here, because Kanako’s a self-proclaimed idiot, who ends up flunking nearly all her classes, except for Civics (and Chemistry) to Mariya’s shock and dismay. Also on the side of shocking is Kiri’s utter fail at math and science. I’ll be the first to admit that I totally bought into all meganekos being good students. Luckily for the two of them, Momoi’s willing to share her idiot-friendly notes, which Yuzuru happily mentions in between tossing some salt onto bakayaro Kanako’s wounds. Apparently, she’s still pissed about the pass Kanako made at Momoi last episode.



However, the big news is that the Matsurika flag has been raised! Not only that, she’s feeling rebellious. To have this flag raised, ten episodes in is a stunning and critical turn of events. Everything you knew about Kanako’s harem/non-harem is now up in the air, as the new 800-pound gorilla in the room has tossed her bonnet into the ring. It would be as if the Celtics decided to leave the NBA and enter the March Madness tourney. North Carolina? UConn? Louisville? Who’s the one seed? Who cares? It’s hopeless. They’re all just Celtic mincemeat. The only true stunner that would prevent a Matsurika blowout would be if Mariya’s flag were ever raised (and Kanako’s allergies were umm, un-raised). While we’re talking seeds and rankings, Momoi has taken a late-season run that has raised her to #2 seed in my book. Who could resist a loli angel? Even though I don’t think she’s very loli. If Matsurika ever falls out of the running or reveals herself as a trap too, in Momoi we trust.

Also of note. Matsurika’s first name is Shinouji. I’m filing that under mental notes for all things Matsurika.

Matsurika’s rebelliousness takes her a little too far in her newfound desire to help Kanako and win her love, and she ends up reprogramming Kanako’s personality as a result. In the end, it’s all good though. Kanako reverts to form after much apologies and ends up passing the supplementary exam… Although no word on Kiri. But she’s a meganeko, and meganekos never fail, so there.


You know how God is a loli? Well, apparently there was a time when she was even more loli-looking. And apparently, quite popular with the boys as well. I liked this little sidebar memory of hers, it showed a side of her we haven’t seen so far. I wouldn’t mind if they delved into her pre-dorm leader days at some point.


In the second part of the episode, Kiri-shan’s got an admirer. And to Kanako’s-ire, it’s not a lady admirer either. The non-yuri humor was a nice changeup. I think Ame no Kisaki could use some guys to shake things up. Like if Shizu were to come visit and make like Casanova. Kiri-shan’s admirer’s persistency was pretty amusing, and inventive at that. This whole event may be a rude awakening for Kanako. Time is short. Opportunity only knocks once. Hopefully, she’s watched Macross Frontier and learned not to be indecisive like Alto, else she ends up with none of the girls. Then again, she did raise the Matsurika flag, but with only two episodes left – time is running out to make a move. Luckily for her, and Kiri-shan too, helpful Matsurika devises a plan that successfully disposes of the persistent admirer. It’s telling to see that Matsurika is so confident in her Kanako ending, that she’s willing to help out the competition. That’s my Matsurika.

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