Minami-ke Okaeri, episode 10 – Someone’s got a crush

If you were to do a mental examination of all the characters on this show, I think it’d be hard to figure out who’s most messed up in the head. In season 1, Kana was out there, but now you could probably consider her to be one of the most sanest characters on the show. From Hosaka’s obvious delusions, to Natsuki’s growing social awkwardness, to the gender-role confusion that Mako-chan, Touma, and Fujioka are bound to share – no one is safe from the madness.

Part 1: Clothes fit for a King





Touma comes in from the rain, soaked from head to toe, and Haruka quickly ushers her to get warm and take a bath. A rare instance of Touma girlishly enjoying the pleasures of life. Chiaki, however, isn’t happy about Touma’s increasingly ungrateful attitude. As punishment, Chiaki refuses to lend her any clothes. This cues a memory for Touma, in which Natsuki – who’s apparently a game otaku – tells Touma that as a man, it’s up to her to pay back both debt and gratitude twofold. This is actually a rare good lesson that Natsuki shares with Touma. But Touma’s mind has been so distorted by her brothers’ piss-poor parenting, she completely screws up the moral of the message.

I found it sort of amusing that Touma refers to herself as “King” and a “man.” I think she could use some quality time with Mako-chan to learn what being a girl is all about. Meanwhile, Fujioka walks in to find Touma – in a towel – fighting with Chiaki about clothes. Finally Touma apologizes sincerely, and Chiaki takes her into her room to “clothe” her, which leaves Fujioka stunned at the turn of events. Meanwhile, Kana figures this is a good a time as any to jump Fujioka’s bones, and forcibly begins stripping him. Cut to OP. I’m convinced that Fujioka will join a monastery one day.

Part 2: Trivial Pursuit, now with scars!



Chiaki freaks out Uchida with some trivia, which leads to Uchida blocking her ears to block out Chiaki. Chiaki goes into emo mode, until Fujioka shows up and she takes shelter behind him. Tellingly, the trivia Chiaki shares with Fujioka is much more benign, some would even say romantic, than the trivia she shared with Uchida. Not much to say about this short skit. It was sort of cute to see Chiaki taking refuge behind Fujioka. You don’t often see her deredere side. And sort of weird to see the two standing side by side like a couple.

Part 3: Deredere Chiaki



I don’t know when Chiaki’s crush on Fujioka started, but it’s very… weird to see her going all love-love over someone. Meanwhile, Fujioka’s a slut who’ll let anyone sit on his lap.

When Uchida comments on how much Chiaki seems to like Fujioka, Touma mentions how Fujioka causes trouble every time he shows up and shares a flashback of when they first met. Touma, thanks to her soccer knowledge, has the captain’s seat, which Chiaki is none too pleased with. Her attempts to pry her away ultimately break down into a fight between the two, which leads Fujioka to break the two up by grabbing Touma by the chest. He then goes on to criticize her for being all chubby around the bosom area. One thinks much misunderstanding could have been averted if she had just told him she was a girl. I mean, why not? But then that would destroy half the material the writers have been working off for the past two seasons.

Part 4: Never take advice from a Minami brother





If there’s one thing that this season has shown, it’s the complete domestication of Chiaki. I’m not sure if season one Chiaki could’ve stood up to Cujo Natsuki, but I’d like to think she wouldn’t have backed down so shamefully.

The other thing this season has shown is, do not take advice from a Minami brother. It never works out well. Either that or Natsuki has been otaku-ing a bit too much with his games these days, because I think he’s now completely out of the Haruka running after this disastrous showing. With that said, I literally caught myself cacklingly loudly everytime he flashed his smile, and the background music followed up with the horror stab, and the screen cut to a horrified Haruka. I was also cracking up everytime he went out of his way to ignore everything Kana said, and growled at Chiaki based on Touma and her brothers’ advice, (although, how does not ignoring Chiaki = growling at her?). All this just to have Haruka tell Touma to go home earlier, as she’s sitting next to them while all this happening. The whole scene was terribly contrived and way over the top, but it didn’t stop me from laughing and anointing it to be one of the two funniest scenes of the season.

One question: when did Natsuki go from stern brother of few words to  complete social failure? Did he always have this in him? Or is he getting flanderized before our eyes?

3 Replies to “Minami-ke Okaeri, episode 10 – Someone’s got a crush”

  1. I’m pretty sure that Chiaki doesn’t have a crush on Fujioka, she just sees him as a bit of a father figure – that goes back to the first season when Haruka mentioned that Fujioka resembled their father. I agree with you on Natsuki – the guy is getting worse. I can’t even decide who’s worse, him or Hosaka.

    1. That’s what I thought for a while, but her blushing is making me think otherwise. Hosaka/Natsuki is a toss-up at this point. Question is would you rather have a guy start stripping in front of you? Or growling at your sister like a mad dog? I guess I’d say Hosaka still has the edge.

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