Melancholy of Haruhi-chan #11 and 12 and Nyoron Churuya-san #6

The HQ versions are back if anyone’s interested. Otherwise, it was your Haruhi-chan and Churuya-san antics as usual.

Nyoron Churuya-san #6




Man, Kyon is such a jerk, always crushing the dreams and mocking the eternal optimism of chibi Churuya. I missed ASAHAKURA, because otherwise, the little skits just consisted of Kyon or fate screwing Churuya over. Nothing new here to see. Nyoro~n. 😦 I did like the teru teru bozu skit at the end though, it was similar to the rainbow skit that closed the last webcast of Churuya-san. It’s good to know that despite whatever happens, Churuya will not allow her eternal optimism to be crushed by jackass Kyon.

Haruhi-Chan #11




What the heck is Nagato holding in that picture up there? A chocolate dookie? A choco-dong? Either way it looks gross.

The kids are in town and Nagato’s gotta hide chibi ACHAKURA. Can’t let Haruhi get any crazy ideas. Valentine’s Day is around the corner and Haruhi wants to make chocolates for the guys. I wonder if the plot was loosely inspired by one of the stories in the light novels (the exact book escapes me right now, but the one where they go up the mountains to do a dig). Once they make their chocolates and everyone leaves, Yuki lets ACHAKURA out of the box. Or rather, she lets her pop out of the box, buoyed by some springs underneath her. I’d like a ACHAKURA in a box please. The merchandising possibilities of this show are limitless.

Haruhi-Chan #12





Whoa. Continuation and a possible dramatic twist? Hmm.

It’s time for Haruhi to give the chocos to Kyon and Itsuki, but as usual there’s a catch. Kyon and Itsuki are going to have to earn those chocolates. Itsuki decides that they could use some backup, and invites Mr. Arakawa and Sonou to provide some assistance. How are they going to earn these chocos? By becoming dashing, take your breath away male hosts. They’ve got the look down, they’ve got the attitude. Just one thing they didn’t plan for: Mikuru’s completely random, cute and funny “miiiii” cry of despair. I guess she’s not a fan of bishonens. This is a rare case of Itsuki’s intuition dropping the ball. Later, sinister things are in the air, as Sonou passes by Churuya arousing her suspicions. The heat is on.

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