Maria+Holic, episode 11 – Oh Mariya, how I love thee

Woohoo for ggcaust continuing to sub the show. I think I read that it’s most of the gg TL team continuing, so you got the same style and quality. Slightly later release date, but that’s a tradeoff I can live with.

On the plus side, there was a lot more Mariya in this ep. I’m sorta bored with all the Kanako nosebleed stuff, but I can’t get enough of Mariya’s manipulativeness.


Some men were not cut for the cloth. Like this man who apparently survived 27 years without any lovin’ proceeds to then fall in love with three different girls (well, one tranny) over a 20-minute period. Ah well, who can blame the guy. At least he’s not going for shotas, right? Right?



I love how Mariya instantly recognizes that the priest has got the hots for him, and calls him a perv. I’m a fan of ironic humor. I really liked the little Mariya silhouette scene too, where she was pirouetting over the visage of pieces of scenery. The priest, meanwhile, has an annoying habit of overthinking everything to the nth degree. It’s like the writers read Baka-Raptor’s post on bs punchline reinforcement and decided to go nuts with it just for the hell of it. He overhears a comment by Matsurika and then goes batshit crazy wondering what it could possibly mean, only to conclude that Matsurika likes him and that he loves her… Hey there,  back off my Matsurika man.



However, when he’s not falling in love with all the girls at Ame no Kisaki, he shows his concern for Kanako. Not because she’s a tall, well-endowed yuri, but because she’s a terrible student, has a nasty habit of bleeding to death and seems to be allergic to him. So Father Toichirou asks Mariya about Kanako’s situation and learns that Kanako’s struggling, because he looks like her brother… who died of Tchaikovsy syndrome… in B minor. Father T’s reaction to the B minor part was classic. The next morning, he confronts Kanako head-on, and nearly causes her to explode from hives. Aww, she’s such a weak little kitten. nyah.



Feeling guilty about the whole incident, Father T tracks down Kanako back to her dorm, and asks God to let him in to see her. This, of course, is against the rules. However, exceptions could be made. Poor God has been watching TV on a CRT screen. An upgrade would be nice. Although I personally would’ve recommended that she go for an LCD rather than a plasma. The priest, because he’s a caring fella (who apparently makes a lot of money too), obliges and gets her the bribe offering. That buys him 3 minutes of time with Kanako. Wait a second… 3 minutes!?

Of course, he could secure 96 more minutes with a small token offering of a DVD player. If a 50” plasma costs $1500, and buys him 3 minutes, that comes out to $500/minute. But with this latest offer, he has the opportunity to secure 96 more minutes for a DVD player that probably costs about $30. That’s only $3/minute! You’d have to be a fool to not take advantage of that deal. And Father T is no fool, as he gladly makes the offering. I know they didn’t show the calculations, but I’m sure that’s what went on in his overactive mind.

This was a great scene between the two of them. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I love how Miyuki Sawashiro voices God. If I could ever describe someone sounding perfectly soullessly moe, God is it.



Having entered the promised land (although to find Mariya not in a negligee. Damn.), his overactive mind goes back into overdrive. He gets nowhere with Kanako or Mariya or Matsurika, gets double-crossed by God, and tossed out of the dorms into the rain. But as they say when God closes one door, she opens another. Or rather in this case, God closes a door, only to have another blond angel to open it. Someone sign me up for heaven, or at least Ame no Kisaki, blond angels seem to be everywhere (beware of traps though).

One more episode to go!

2 Replies to “Maria+Holic, episode 11 – Oh Mariya, how I love thee”

  1. whys it always say “beware of traps” what if your a beautiful boy and someone want to fuck you then figure out your not exactly completely a girl it somehow becomes wrong?

    its 2010 also if you wanted to fuck a beautiful girl/boy before you knew it was a girl/boy then news flash you still do your now just petrified by what your associates would think of your because your weak and ruled by fear instead of just being a man and taking what you want if its not hurting anyone and even if it would hurt someone its still more adirmable than being a coward.

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