Minami-ke Okaeri, episode 12 – What we’ve been missing out on

Others have already written much on the drastic difference in animation quality from the first half of the episode, compared to the second half. But I had to see it for myself to believe it. And yeah, it’s quite stunning actually. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like the animation in the first half is great – I think everyone looks a little too shiny and there were a handful of scenes where lines didn’t look like they were drawn quite right – but it’s so nice to see some attention paid to shading and highlights, to characters looking like well-proportioned humans, and some experimentation with non-standard camera angles, that it just feels like a huge improvement from what we’ve seen so far (and what we see in the second half). It was like going from watching old Hanna Barbera clips to the latest Pixar jawn. Definitely good enough for a slice of life.

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