Melancholy of Haruhi-chan #13 and 14 and Nyoron Churuya-san #7

Another week, another handful of webisodes of Haruhi-chan and Nyoron Churuy-san. Wait- have I said this before? Regardless, I’m glad they seem to have found a schedule to stick to.

Nyoron Churuya-san #7



What did I say last week? Man, Kyon’s a dick. Only not in such unflattering terms. As far as Churuya webisodes go, this was as random as I’ve seen so far. I know there’s a classic video game geek out there who loved this webisode because of the gaming references (was it mostly Legend of Zelda? Or a more random, obscure game?). I didn’t particularly find it to be that interesting though. However, the overall lesson is Kyon is a dick. Not only is a actively preventing Churuya from obtaining any smoked cheese happiness, he’s being a dick to ASAHAKURA too. Plus, he always looks so pissed off. Clearly, the fame has gone to his head, and he’s not happy starring in this low-budget affair.

Haruhi-chan #13




It’s Halloween and Haruhi’s not only making offerings to new Gods, she’s creating them herself. (If a God creates another God, does that create some sort of infinite loop of creation?) Meanwhile, Nagato’s making Jack-o-lanterning a complete nightmare for Mikuru-chan, who can’t quite seem to get the measurements perfectly. I gather that she finally got the damn thing to be symmetric… at the cost of some artistic flair. But I guess that’s the price you pay when you let math trump design. Later, ACHAKURA and Nagato share a moment, as they go out shopping and ACHAKURA makes dinner for the two. For a second, when ACHAKURA was tossing the vegetables into the boiling pot, I thought Nagato was going to toss ACHAKURA in along with them. But that’d probably leave a mark, and otaku Nagato, probably didn’t want to get her living nendoroid all nicked up.

Haruhi-chan #14




Haruhi’s having fun with blowguns. I genuinely chuckled when she tossed the balloon at Kyon and then popped it right in front of his face. I’ve got to try that some time. It turns out Kyon’s no pansy as he strikes back at Haruhi with a new take no prisoner attitude. But when Mikuru-chan gets killed in the crossfire, the two decide to resolve their differences in a different, more peaceful manner – by crucifying Mikuru-chan and then decorating her with balloons. I can’t say I quite understood what the rules of the battle were, but I did notice the strategically placed balloons in Mikuru-chan’s bikini zones. I’m going to guess that the subsequent mass blowgun attack was a traumatic experience.

All in all, the Haruhi-chan’s were not bad. Not really laugh-out-loud funny, but generally amusing. On the other hand, I really think they’re out of ideas for Churuya-san. If they want to keep the smoked-cheese shtick going, they should take a look at the history of Trix commercials. I’m sure there are ideas they could nick from those.

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