Kurokami: Black God, episode 10 – Goodbye evil characters

I’ve been admittedly lax in my posting about Kurokami. I figure there’s only so much interest in me writing about how crappy the show is week to week. Fortunately, episode 11 was actually a pretty good episode, so my post might be better than my recent Kurokami posts have been. Unfortunately, this post is about episode 10, which was not a good episode.


While the episode focused mostly on Kuro, Hiyou, Keita and his doppelganger mom, off in the distance, it seems Reishin’s got what he wants. Kokona or Makana or whatever the squirt’s name is the Holy Key, so there’ll be some hell to pay.


Meanwhile, I give the Kurokami writers for doing a good job in developing Hiyou into one of the more slimy, disgusting villains in recent memory (I mean this as a backhanded compliment though, as you’ll see). In between torturing Kuro, he seems to get off on licking and sniffing her as well. If he didn’t have superpowers, there’s a job as a creepy guy in a trenchcoat just begging for him.



Kuro, who’s completely ineffectual as a fighter, but continues to fight anyway, is saved temporarily when she sneaks a punch in on Hiyou and Keita sneaks up to blast his super ring ray gun at Hiyou. Unfortunately, Hiyou’s partner in crime and contractee, arrives just in time to warn him of the incoming ray blast. I have to say, getting punched out by someone that looks like your mom, and then have her sitting on top of you, sucking out your manly spirit, can’t feel very good. This woman’s been spending too much time with that perv, Hiyou.

As Keita gets his ass kicked, Hiyou goes into mega exe mode. Apparently, everyone’s mega exe mode is cooler and more powerful than Kuro’s lame super punch out. Hiyou can manipulate any liquid, and fires a barrage of ice shards at Kuro. Amazingly – and this always seems to happen – the ice shards fail to hit any part of Kuro’s torso (i.e., the largest, easiest to hit target possible), but conveniently catch enough of her clothing covering her limbs to pin her up against the rocks. You either have to be a master marksman or an epically horrendous one to accomplish this.




As Hiyou takes care of Kuro, Keita’s fake mom goes into her whole wah-wah backstory about how she had a terrible life and terrible luck as a sub, until she met and started shagging Hiyou. She explains why she killed Keita’s mom and revels in the act, and her fortune since. This incenses Keita, who uses it to motivate one last synchro push. This allows Kuro to mega exe Hiyou and knock him silly flying through the cave. I guess this also overloads Keita’s tera, because his doppelganger mom’s soul suck goes terribly awry and she knocked out – permanently. This was probably meant to be a dramatic scene, but I cracked up when Hiyou was sent flying and doppelganger mom freaked out.


I credited the KK writers earlier in developing Hiyou as a completely dislikeable character, but the next scene in which doppelganger mom is repenting is a perfect example of how the KK writers have no clue how to create a likeable or redeemable character. So because doppelganger mom had a bad childhood, shows some remorse as she’s dying, drops a couple hallmark phrases, and sheds a few tears, we’re supposed to sympathize with her? Um… no. It was only two minutes ago she was cackling about how she loved all the evil things she did. Now just because she’s on her deathbed and Kuro and Keita are making puppy dog faces doesn’t mean we’re going to forget all her despicable qualities. Good riddance doppelganger mom. You got what you deserved. And bad job KK writers. You can’t force random character development. The audience is not stupid.


Ooh, a twist towards the end of the episode! Looks like the konbini voyeur used to be Keita’s best friend. Oh and he’s going to put Hiyou out of his perverted misery by putting him through the same torture machine that he put others through. Oh, the irony. Hiyou, I won’t miss you either.

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