Sengoku Basara, episode 4 – Drawing the lines

There were zero battles in this episode, unless you count Takeda’s punching of Sanada or Nobunaga’s quick humiliation of Azai, but I still enjoyed this episode quite a bit, because of the buildup. Not every episode can break new barriers of GAR, but that’s ok, as long as the story’s moving to a conflict or resolution. And compared to the last episode, I thought the writers did a better job of ratcheting up the pressure and drawing the lines of battle we’ll expect to see in the coming episodes.


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Kurokami: Black God, episode 13 – Screw you guys, I’m going home

I’d read good things about KK #13. Read that it was the best episode since the first episode. Even read some comments that it felt like a whole new show. So I watched it, somewhat skeptical, but with a renewed hope in mind. Conclusion? No, it still sucks. Nothing’s changed. The show still looks cheaply animated, we didn’t lose the dumb synchro scenes, the Konbini-voyeur quickly went from ambiguously evil to clearly evil, and the story still sucks.

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K-ON! episode 4 – Mio x Yui flag triggered!

Ever since Yui grabbed Mio by the hand and indulged in the softness of her fingers, Mio had been confused by the growing pressure in her chest and the shortness of breath she experienced every time Yui would say hello, or brush by her. As they continued to grow closer, practicing for the upcoming school festival, Mio wondered how much more she could bear until her chest burst. During a trip to the beach with the rest of the light music club, Mio and Yui finally got a rare opportune moment alone. Mio, unable to contain herself any longer, finally grabbed Yui by the hand and confessed her love… is not quite the way it happened, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t, eventually.


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Eden of the East – Srs fkn biz or just for the lulz?

The way Eden of the East is mixing dissimilar elements together has captured my interest, but at the same time, I don’t know if it’s really working. I was underwhelmed by the first episode, and wasn’t wowed by the second episode. For some reason, the show’s atmosphere is really throwing me off. It’s lighter, romcom moments don’t mix well with it’s darker, plot driven moments. And it’s darker, plot-driven moments are countered by plot holes and unrealistic character behaviors.

Why I don’t want to take it seriously

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Happy animes for sad days

Earlier today I had to put my first-and-only, longtime dog to sleep after many years of camaraderie. It was one of the saddest moments of my life. Since the moment I had to leave him behind, I’ve been torn by two different feelings. One by guilt, wondering whether a couple more days might have changed anything, and one by longing, not for the sadness that comes in the immediate aftermath, but for the good memories I have. But right now, it’s difficult to focus not on the sadness, but the happy memories.

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