Higurashi Rei #2 – Welcome back for real

While Higurashi Rei #1 was a welcome reintroduction to all of the characters, it was pretty much a silly, throwaway story. However, episode 2 comes back with the creepy, foreboding vibe that Higurashi no Naku Koro ni delivers like none other. This is probably a good as time as any for me to mention that if you haven’t seen either Higurashi or Higurashi Kai, it’d be foolish to keep reading.


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Maria+Holic – Final Impressions

Maria+Holic had a lot going for it. A zany premise, excellent character designs, a maid to kill for, a ridiculously attractive trap, an ecchi yuri lead to tie it together, and SHAFT/Shinbo to give it that touch of zaniness that only they can do. All the pieces were in place for an all-time epic comedy.

Did they deliver?

Sort of. I definitely enjoyed the show through and through, but I thought they missed some opportunities by making this more Kanako’s show versus Mariya’s show.

Like too many other Matsurika/Mariya moments, this flashed by all too quickly

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