Spring 2009 First Impressions: Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Just some random thoughts that ran through my head as I got around to watching some of the season’s premieres. On tap? Oh, just the show that everyone and their mother seems to be covering and fansubbing.

Fansub group: gSS

Things I liked:

  • Unnecessary remake or not, you know FMA’s gonna be a good show.
  • A fair amount of seiyuus back in their original roles, notably Rie Kugumiya and Romi Paku as Alphonse and Edward, Keiji Fujiwara as Maes and Kenji Utsumi as Alex Louis Armstrong.
  • Nice designs, excellent animation.
  • Exciting and engaging story for a re-introduction.

Things I didn’t like:

  • Shinichiro Miki (Lockon Stratos) as Roy Mustang. He wasn’t bad, but Roy Mustang sounded a little too nice. The Roy Mustang I know is a real smart-ass.
  • I’ve seen this before.

Random other thoughts:

So FMA: Brotherhood (I notice it has a subtitle now) is probably going to the best show of the season. The writing should be tight, we know the characters are cool, and since Bones is producing it, it’s gonna be pretty sweet on the eyes. But I think it’s just not going to be as fun a ride, if you’ve seen the first go-around.

The premiere was a pretty exciting first episode, especially considering that it was largely a reintroduction. We get a new, short-lived villain, and are introduced to old, familiar villains. We get a lot of Edward and Alphonse, a little bit of Roy Mustang (the useless in rain bit always gets me), with a healthy dose of Maes Hughes and Alex Louis Armstrong doing their thing. Otherwise, it looks like the real story kicks off next week.

Knowing everything I do about all the characters, should I be surprised when things go awry? The ending may end up being drastically different, and I’m sure minor details will be different, but that doesn’t change what we know about Lust and Gluttony. About Envy. Or the other homunculus. Or Roy Mustang’s boss King Bradley. Or the excellent Maes Hughes. Are things going to be that different for these guys at the end of the show? Probably not.

But regardless, FMA is definitely a must watch. For those who are new to FMA – because it’s a fantastic story with great characters. And for those watching it a second time around – because it’s still a fantastic story with great characters, and to see if Bones can successfully weave the tale without dropping too much déjà vu on us.

Major Alex Louis Armstrong – one of the greatest supporting characters ever, and probably Hosaka’s secret dad.

4 Replies to “Spring 2009 First Impressions: Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood”

  1. I was so anxiously waiting the Brotherhood series, which is interesting since I haven’t finished watching the previous series! I was disappointed to find out that Funimation didn’t dub it yet, so I guess I’ll just have to wait a few years before I can actually enjoy watching it. Meanwhile, I’ll just go ahead and finish the 1st FMA.

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