Spring 2009 First Impressions: Hayate no Gotoko 2

Just some random thoughts that ran through my head as I got around to watching some of the season’s premieres. On tap? Well, less of a first impression than a 54th impression. Yet here they are, doing character re-introductions.

Fansub group: SS-Eclipse is back for season 2, with fabulous karaoke effects to boot.

Things I liked:

  • New studio, but it’s pretty much the same old HnG that I remember. Character designs may be slightly different (perhaps a bit rounder) and I think the color palette seems to be more on the saturated side (although it could just be video quality), but you wouldn’t really notice a difference.
  • Character reintroduction profiles. I always reading generic profile information about characters for whatever reason.
  • Hina ED! (The EDs even better once I understood the words. They fit perfectly. It’s such a sweet song.)

Things I didn’t like:

  • Not much to dislike. Not that it was a great episode, but there’s not much to say about a reintroduction episode. Umm, not enough Hamster?
  • There was no obligatory Hamster eating scene, nor the typical otaku references, but I didn’t miss either of those.

Random other thoughts:

With all of my preoccupation with Hina, I completely forgot that Nagi’s technically the lead gal in the show.

If you haven’t watched HnG1, you can still probably pick up HnG2 and not miss a beat. It’s not one of those shows that believes very strongly in continuity. Although if the JC Staff version is following the manga, perhaps there’ll be some development this year, which would be nice. Last season felt like 52 episodes of empty calories. Not the worst thing in the world, but sort of a wasted opportunity.

I’ll definitely continue watching HnG2, but I’m not planning to write about it unless an episode is predominantly Hina, Hamster or Izumi focused.

Obligatory Hina screenshot.

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