K-ON! episode 2 – I don’t know if I’m going to survive this show

If one could possibly become apoplectic from moe overload, I think K-ON! would be the show to push that button. There were a couple of instances during the show when my head almost went *poof!* like Mio’s. Seriously, I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to make it to the end of the season, because everything about this show, the designs, the storylines, the characters, the chemistry is just so damn cute.


I think right now (this could change on a weekly basis), Yui may be my favorite character, although Mio’s just about neck and neck. And actually Tsumugi showed quite a bit of personality in this episode. I think if Ana Coppola grew up, she’d be a lot like Tsumugi. So I’m glad she’s not relegated to Lucky Star Miyuki status. I like Ritsu too, but I’ve seen too many characters like her for her to stand out. However, she does seem to be much more considerate of others, than most of the rambunctious, hyperactive girls in other slice of lifes.

But back to Yui, everything about her screams moe, but what I really like about her is her outlook on life, her enthusiasm, the way she goes about talking to her friends, petting random dogs on the street, is just so pure and childlike. There’s no hint of emo, no pretentiousness, what you see with Yui is what you get with her. She may be clumsy, ditzy and have ADD, but I think she’d be a blast to hang with.


Anyway onto the “story.” We get a little bit of background on the Mio, Tsumugi and Ritsu, about why they chose the instruments they did. Mio proves to be a much more of a delicate flower than she let off in the first episode, with her head going up in smoke, just thinking about all the attention the guitarist gets. I like how Yui describes Tsumugi as fluffy as if she were a stray puppy. And Ritsu’s the drummer because well… you probably wouldn’t want her working in a china shop let’s just say.


So they finally get to Yui, and decide to go guitar shopping with her. Yui’s near failure at crossing the street, and getting to the guitar store before buying the mall cracked me up. So did the thought in her head when she saw the double head guitar. Love the detail KyoAni put to the guitars. Different colors, models, headstocks, pickup arrangements. And then we got to…


The motherf-ing Fender Les Paul Standard.



You CAN NOT mix up the Gibson Les Paul with anything from the Fender line. This is inexcusable. It’s the one thing that broke me up about this episode. Well, except for the annoying 4:3 aspect ration. C’mon KyoAni, get with the times.



Since the guitar is 200,000 yen more than Yui has, the girls all decide to get jobs so that they can help Yui pay for the guitar. Mio’s had some bad work experiences before, so they find a job in which she can participate without freaking out: counting cars.

See, this is why I love slice of lifes. In an SOL, a bunch of girls see a guitar, see that it costs $2000 more than they have, so they decide to do something about it. Like get a job. In reality, a.) the bunch of friends will just forget about it and quit on the guitar and b.) getting a job sucks. But in SOL-world, the process of looking for a job is almost as amusing as actually working at the job.

The challenges characters face in SOLs are challenges I’d die to face. Why? Well, who wouldn’t love to face a challenge with their best friends, in which there’s no pressure and everything about it is fun?



After finishing the job (and becoming OCD clickers), and realizing that they’ll need to work several more jobs to make enough money, Yui tells the group that she’ll pick a cheaper guitar, because she wants to start practicing with them as soon as possible. This ultimately leads to a (another) cute scene in which Yui is jumping down the street jamming on an air guitar.



But when they head back to the store, it’s clearly apparently that Yui’s heart is still stuck on the Les Paul. So Tsumugi decides to do some “bargaining.” Which leads to her getting an 80% discount! How did she do this? Power of the Force? Geass? Nah, she’s just the daughter of the man who owns the business.

This leads to some cute and funny scenes with Yui jamming on the guitar and getting lost in her own fantasies. Practicing autographs is a very integral skill. Although her “rehearsal” at the club the next day showed that she’s still got a ways to go. I was impressed that she was even able to play those few notes. I thought she was playing twinkle twinkle little star at first, until I realized it wasn’t anything.

Just a sidebar, the Les Paul is definitely a looker, but not an easy guitar to play at all. Especially when you’re a little girl with little girly hands. The guitar weighs a ton and has a big chunky neck that is hard to get your hands around. Just a tip, in case there are any future real-world Yuis out there.

Now that everyone’s got what they need, I’m looking forward to watching the gals practice and become the next big band to play at the Budokan.

5 Replies to “K-ON! episode 2 – I don’t know if I’m going to survive this show”

  1. Well considering Gibsons today they are much light than anything prior to about 2 years ago, now they are routing the hell out of the inside of the body and I would say about 2 lbs lighter! Too bad Yui didn’t look down further and would have gone for an Edwards LP clone instead, if she insists on “cute” guitars then Edwards is just the same and more wood too!

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