K-ON! episode 3 – The X chord is a bitch indeed

I wonder if this episode will spark the cult of Ui. As well as the cult of Mio’s squishy fingers.


The opening scene was obviously designed specifically to drive Mio-fans wild and crazy from moe. I guess Mio’s got blood phobia or something. Poor girl. Let it be noted that it was Yui who started the inevitable ~puni puni~ MAD meme. This little scene pushed me a little further into the Yui camp.

But really, the girls should’ve gotten Yui a pick when they bought the guitar. Jamming out chords on an electric guitar with your hands is no fun. I do have to say I started taking more notice of everyone’s hands after Yui went all ~puni puni~ with Mio’s hands, and honestly, I was a little grossed out by how blobby and stumpy they looked during certain scenes.


So the story is straight and simple. Yui, so lost in learning the guitar, forgets to study for her midterm, and ends up completely bombing it. As a result, no club activities until she passes her makeup exam. But what happens if she fails again? Ostensibly, she’ll have to quit the club completely, which would leave the rest of the girls in a dire pinch. So the rest of the girls more or less kick Yui out of the clubroom (no snacks!) and force her to study and keep the club alive. I wonder why the other three don’t practice their music when Yui’s not around? It’s not like she’s going to catch up to their level anytime soon. Do they really just sit in the clubroom eating snacks all afternoon?


Some of the magic of a slice of life is its ability to take a normal situation that you can relate to and find a way to turn it into cute and amusing scenes, you reminisce about. I think everyone can relate to Yui and her complete inability to concentrate on her studies, due to her magnetic attraction to the new shiny, cherry sunburst piece of wood in her room. Studying be damned, rock and roll is king!


But at the last minute, she realizes she’s destined for failure and enlists Mio’s and Tsumugi’s tutoring and help (Ritsu is apparently Kana-esqe in her surprising ability to pass tests). Did Mio’s last minute cram session work out? Yep, and how! I was actually more surprised that Yui was able to successfully pull off the glum face and shock everyone with her test score, than by her test score itself. Unfortunately, every time Yui learns something new, it pushes some old stuff out of her brain. And normal C and G chords are replaced by X chords and those damned multi-factorial chords.

All in all, although I didn’t enjoy this episode quite as much as the last 2 episodes, it was still quite amusing. And seeing Yui jam away on that guitar was too endearing. Someone get her an amp though! Electric guitars were made to be heard. Loudly!

I hope they get around to actually playing or practicing music next week. Right now the K-ON club feels more like a sideshow than an integral part of the show. C’mon KyoAni, let the girls jam!

The Cult of Ui Begins


No doubt the otaku-sphere is going wild about Ui right about now. She’s cute, well-mannered, intelligent and she plays video games! KyoAni apparently has quite the talent at creating those cute, imouto prototypes don’t they?

5 Replies to “K-ON! episode 3 – The X chord is a bitch indeed”

  1. It doesn’t help that there was this AMAZING fic of Yui x Ui in /a/ yesterday. Well, no, many of us can’t look at Ui the same way again, but damn, I’m a huge fan of her.

  2. The X chord is a bitch indeed

    You said it pal! *starts thrusting his tinker in the air*…thats if we’re talking about the same X Chord =S, being a left-handed air guitarist is not easy you know!

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