K-ON! episode 9 – Azu-Nyan!

I loved, loved, loved this episode. I thought it was the cutest, funniest episode to date… for the first 18 minutes. And then they forced in some melodrama and kind of killed all that momentum. So, I’m going to try to forget the last 3 minutes happened, and revel in the pure joy I wrought from the first 18.


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Haruhi Suzumiya, Season 2 – Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody, Part 1 and Time Travel

I figured I’d try something different with my episodic write-ups on the new season of Haruhi (or at least I’m going to try. This post took me forever to write.) Less focus on standard summary and impression, more focus on a tangential issue that piqued my interest. Haruhi’s one of the few shows that has enough depth beyond what’s happening on-screen to capture my attention and warrant some extra thinking (I’ve no intentions to wax poetic about K-ON! for example).

Does Kyon look younger? Haruhi-chan art influence, perhaps?

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Higurashi Rei #3 – A slow boil

Higurashi fans will enjoy this episode for its slow reveal of the facts about Rika’s new world. We’ll freak at the Rika freak-out, and rustle uncomfortably, wondering, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Non-fans will probably gripe about how nothing really happens in the episode and point out that we’re 3 episodes into a 5-episode OVA without any forward progress besides Rika coming to terms with her new world. Neither side would be wrong. But I’m one of those who happen to enjoy the buildup.



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K-ON! episode 8 – Umm, remember me?

I wonder if the excitement over K-ON! has been tempered a bit amidst all the Haruhi pandemonium. Not that one show takes away from another, but K-ON! was the big, bad KyoAni hit on the block. Now, it feels like the second banana waiting in the shadows for the next Haruhi release. You can’t help but wonder if there’s enough excitement to go around. But just in case you forgot about K-ON! for a moment, it hits back with a stage performance (finally!), more Ui, and a brand new character challenging Mio (or in my case, Yui) as the goddess of moe.


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Sengoku Basara, episode 7 – A little bit about leadership

Remarkably little happened during this episode. Both action-wise and story-wise, but for some reason it amped me up for the next episode moreso than the last few episodes have. Maybe it’s because I get the sense that Matsunaga and his shinigami triumvirate could be the first worthy enemies for Kojuuro and Sanada to go all out on (I never really thought Hondam or Azai would bring out the best in Sanada and Masamune). Or maybe it’s because I’m just getting antsy for some balls to the wall action.


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Where were you when Haruhi 2 first aired? (Anime’s Shot Heard ‘Round the World)

Beautiful. So beautiful.

A few days ago I found out Haruhi light novel #1 had been translated and released it in the US. So I immediately ordered it. Yesterday, I got it and read it all in a few hours. It reminded me of everything I loved about Haruhi all over again. So I was planning to write a pretty epic post (by my standards) about my first experience with Haruhi.

And then today…

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Hina x Nishizawa x Maria = ZOMG! *Mio-style head explosion goes here*

Man, if I knew this season’s Hayate was going to be this great, I would’ve picked up writing about it from the beginning. No fillers, no random unfunny jokes, all character and story-driven humor and goodness. Oh yeah, I guess there’s also been plenty of screentime for that pink haired girl… what was her name? Hina?

While this post is no best post ever, I reserve the right to post images galore!

Haruhi-chan, Churuya-san, we hardly knew ya

And so ends the season of The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan and Nyoron Churuya-san, fading away with none of the fanfare that the ONAs were initially greeted with (nice boat anyone?). I never intended to write about the short series, but since I’m a Haru-tard, I was probably fated to do so.

It wasn’t the second season that we were all waiting for. And in fact, once we got past the Kadokawa trolling, it seemed like everyone forget about Haruhi-chan and Churuya. At least, there wasn’t much buzz about it. Which is probably to be expected since they were mediocre and pretty forgettable, if not for the fact that they took advantage of the unstoppable Haruhi-hype machine. But with the ONAs having ended, and the Haruhi troll machine starting back up again, I figured it’d be nice to take a quick look back.

Moe, moe… WTF? Koizumi?!

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