Spice and Wolf II, episode 00 – The OVA

My favorite animated female not named Haruhi Suzumiya is back in this one-shot OVA bridging the first and second seasons.


There wasn’t too much happening here, as all the action takes place between two rooms and Horo’s dreamworld, but it reintroduces us to the unlikely semi-couple Horo and Welkin Lawrence, as well as the Nora, playing the role of Horo’s rival. They celebrate their success from the end of season 1, but Horo gets sick which leads to a few cute scenes between Horo and Lawrence, and a few interesting – possibly foreshadowing – dream sequences.

What I liked:

  • Jealous Horo. Sick Horo. Deredere Horo. Dream sequence Horo. Everything about Horo is wonderful.
  • Horo & Lawrence. Still haven’t lost the spark.
  • Nora keeping Horo on her toes.
  • Horo’s dream sequences. Interesting, although considering the limited span of time I expect the show to cover, I wonder if they’ll expand upon it throughout the season.
  • Great background music. Woodwinds, strings and bagpipes. Spice & Wolf’s background music has always stood out to me.

What I didn’t like:

  • Nothing really. It’s an introduction OVA, so predictably it wasn’t going to move the story forward.


I missed out on Spice and Wolf when it first aired. The premise of medieval economics and trading didn’t exactly get me jumping out of my chair. But I picked up at zilch’s recommendation, and I’m glad I did. Spice and Wolf is one of the few summer animes that I’m looking forward to. The story, for one, isn’t as boring as you might think. Merchant trading and economics isn’t exactly going to get your blood flowing, but it was still more interesting than I thought it’d be. But the reason S&W was so enjoyable was because of Horo and Lawrence.

For one, Horo’s one of the best characters I’ve come across. Fiercely independent yet loyal, impossibly crafty and stunningly beautiful, she’s an incredibly dynamic character who steals every scene she’s in.

On her own, the show would be interesting, but what really makes it shine is Lawrence, as he plays the perfect foil. He’s not a terribly interesting character on his own, but shines as Horo’s partner in crime (or maybe Horo is his partner in crime, however you want to call it). The chemistry between the two – the witty banter, Horo’s temper tantrums and jealousy, Lawrence’s teasing and cluelessness, their combined merchant wizardry – is tremendous, and makes everything about the show 10x more interesting.

I hope they keep Nora around for season 2, because I like the rival angle she brings to the duo.



3 Replies to “Spice and Wolf II, episode 00 – The OVA”

  1. Yes, a very enjoyable episode, even if the flavor was not all that strong. What this show has above all is Horo, and that’s more than enough. I thought Koshimizu Ami could have received the top seiyuu award last year for this role. Fukuyama Jun (Lawrence) and Nakahara Mai (Nora) are good, too. I can only enjoy Nora, however, if it’s clear to me that Lawrence likes Horo more. I feel sorry for the Wise Wolf.

    hashi’s last blog post..Hirano Aya Only TV — episode 1

  2. Yeah, I don’t think Nora’s a serious threat to get in between Horo x Lawrence and cause any real drama. Which is why I find it extra cute/funny to see Horo get so territorial about Nora being around.

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