K-ON! episode 6 – Nurses, Suzumikus, oh my

This week’s school festival performance certainly was no GOD KNOWS or LOST MY MUSIC. I’m really disappointed that we’re six episodes in and KyoAni keeps cutting out on the group as soon as they start playing. The music video was poorly done. Seriously, just show the girls playing their instruments. How do we know the K-ON club isn’t destined for a Behind-the-Music special as the next Milli Vanilli otherwise? Take that away, and I enjoyed most of the rest of the episode.


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Saki is F-ing up Eden of the East

Every Saki scene: My reaction:
east-of-the-eden1 east-of-the-eden2

If I have to see Saki’s pathetic, hang-dog, self-defeating, high-school crush angst, perma-depressed face again I’m going to claw my eyes out. Every scene she’s in is a complete bomb. She’s the biggest waste of digital ink since Taiga Aisaka. Oh and for standing up Ohsugi, may a thousand beef bowls descend upon a thousand of her dresses.

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