Saki is F-ing up Eden of the East

Every Saki scene: My reaction:
east-of-the-eden1 east-of-the-eden2

If I have to see Saki’s pathetic, hang-dog, self-defeating, high-school crush angst, perma-depressed face again I’m going to claw my eyes out. Every scene she’s in is a complete bomb. She’s the biggest waste of digital ink since Taiga Aisaka. Oh and for standing up Ohsugi, may a thousand beef bowls descend upon a thousand of her dresses.

In other news, I don’t like killer-model Kuroha’s voice. It doesn’t strike me as very… pretty.

And I wish Akira had done something a little more evil with the NEETS than send them to Dubai. I sort’ve want to be unsure whether I’m rooting for or against him. But otherwise, his character’s been growing on me, and I think they’ve done a really nice job developing him over the last few episodes.

7 Replies to “Saki is F-ing up Eden of the East”

  1. Haha, I don’t blame Saki too much. If I went from having some awesome adventure with a naked dude IN AMERICA back to my jobless life flanked by the desperate guy I don’t love and my sister’s hot husband that I have to see every day, I’d be pretty bummed out too.

    Don’t forget that the end of her date was really lame. She ended up all alone watching a movie that Ryousuke liked and then had to walk home alone through a ghost town without ever finding out what happened to Akira.

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    1. She should’ve never picked the movie that Ryousuke liked to begin with. Did she pick it because she enjoys wallowing? And actually, I thought it was kind of rude for her to leave without looking for Akira. I mean, she knew he was in the projector room to begin with, could it have been that difficult to poke her head in and find that he’d been incapacitated? Bad Saki! Bad! 😮

  2. Saki is F-ing up Eden of the East

    pssff!! More like, Akira’s gonna be F-in’ up Saki later tonight!!! HAAAAYYY!!! =D But you do have to feel sorry for her. What kind of douche-bags would just dump food on her like that? Us professionals have to get to the point, like the ol’ Trump says: “You’re Fired!” *combs hair* 8)

      1. Well hes not the coolest character around. If you were a girl (actually, now that I think about it, I’m not too sure what your gender is, but its probably best not to tell me cause of my stalker tendencies)… so yea, if you were a girl, you can’t tell me that you would go for this guy. Unfortunately for us dull guys (I’m speaking for myself here) we don’t get the girls =( nor should we get the girls until we THRUST THRUST THRUST!!! CHEA CHEA!!! WEST SIIIDDDEEE!!!…. =(

      2. Yeah, but she’s not cool either. Uncool girls should get uncool guys. And cool girls should get cool guys. So you can have Saki. 😉

  3. DID I JUST READ WHAT I THINK YOU WROTE?!?! UR CALLIN’ ME UNCOOL?!!?! THIS IS WORSE THAN THE TIME CHRIS CALLED ME A… wait what? I can have Saki?! =D Well sir, I must admit, that seems like a pretty good deal! *deal is made* Okay okay! I’m gonna give Saki some sake and then SACK her in ma bag! All for the sake of celebrateing!!! =3

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