K-ON! episode 7 – Ui’s Time to Shine

Christmas episodes in May always make me pine for the winter. But I guess any semblance of winter is now gone, as the recent heat and humidity has made me sluggish, slow and sleepy.

The Sawa-chan you once knew and loved is no more.


There were some great Yui-Ui moments this episode, as Ui got a lot more screen time and development in this episode. Like too many other moments in this show, the Christmas flashback was just too cute. Apparently, Ui was always the more responsible, thoughtful sister. I guess some are born with “it” and some aren’t – although maybe there were some environmental factors playing into it? While Ui may have established herself as the best imouto ever, I liked seeing Yui’s thoughful acts for her sister – whether it was the fluffy white Christmas, or the scarf sharing – it’s good to see the love goes both ways. Interesting to see that even as little kids, the Hirasawa household was always parent-free. However, we do learn that Yui and Ui do actually have parents. Rumors of their upbringing by a friendly pack of wolves can be put to rest. So I think Ui’s responsibility was a case of nature vs. nurture, an evolution that occurred in response to their parental negligence. Survival was clearly at stake.


It’s Christmas-time and the K-ON group decides to throw a party at Yui’s place, because Mugi apparently lives in a reception banquet, Ritsu’s house is filthy and Mio’s house is littered with pantsu (that stampeding sound you may hear is just a bunch of otaku heading for wherever it is Mio lives). I like how Yui comes home tells Ui they’re throwing a party and tells her to get in the kitchen and start cookin’, a nice twist on the typical domineering husband scenes


Not only does Ui gleefully accept her role as cook, entertainer and waifu, she is also the #1 defender for Yui and her drinking problem. I, like the rest of the K-ON club, was bowled over by Ui’s loyalty.



As the party gets started, ninja-Sawako crashes the party. Unfortunately for the group (and Mio), Sawa-chan seemed to have forgotten to take her depression meds, and hilariously alternated between super happy and totally trashed, until the hormonal imbalance got to be too much and led her to have her way with Mio. I’ve always liked the “no one will marry me now…” shtick, and it’s no different here. I don’t think I’ll ever tired of that line. Although Mio shouldn’t worry too much, because I think Mugi would marry her.

Sawa-chan continues to rise in the ranks of epicness. I mean, look at her face after she has her way with Mio. That’s complete disdain. That’s the look of a take-no-prisoner heartbreaker. It’s great how Sawa-chan has taken the lead as the crazy one of the group. She takes it to a totally new level. Bipolarity, Mio-abuse, cosplay, I’m not sure what else I could ask from her. She brings all the excitement and craziness that the drunk teacher archetype brings, without the drunkenness. That’s just 100% natural Sawa-chan craziness.


I’ve never been in a Christmas party with a talent show. But if Mio wearing a Santa suit is standard protocol, I’ve apparently been missing out all my life. Ui also holds her own against the “amazing” high-schoolers with her ventriloquy skills.


As sisterly as Yui and Ui are. Like I mentioned before, the domestic scenes remind me of husband-waifu scenes. Lazy Yui is hilarious. Cold Ui is too cute. I need MOAR of these.


The episode ends with the New Years tradition and prayers for a successful new year. Unfortunately no purple-haired Miko sightings, but Mio’s kitsune kimono is probably the coolest Kimono I’ve ever seen.

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  1. I actually enjoyed this episode, not because of the gleeful happy atmosphere, but because of how they showcased sisterly affection..and by that I mean not only between Yui and Ui but among the rest of the girls as well. It makes the episode rather lighthearted…either that or how Christmas themes just makes everything lighthearted. 😀

    7’s last blog post..Blurbing Towards Summer

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