Where were you when Haruhi 2 first aired? (Anime’s Shot Heard ‘Round the World)

Beautiful. So beautiful.

A few days ago I found out Haruhi light novel #1 had been translated and released it in the US. So I immediately ordered it. Yesterday, I got it and read it all in a few hours. It reminded me of everything I loved about Haruhi all over again. So I was planning to write a pretty epic post (by my standards) about my first experience with Haruhi.

And then today…

A new Haruhi episode is released into the wild! Real f-ing deal!

The Interwebs EXPLODES.

Synchronicity – Coincidence of events that seem to be meaningfully related, conceived in Jungian theory as an explanatory principle on the same order as causality.

What perfect timing. Coincidence? Or something a little deeper? The Kyon in me thinks of it as coincidence. The Haruhi in me thinks about the little I read about Jungian psychology in my teen years, and wants to believe there’s something bigger going on.

I will give some credit where credit’s due: Kadokawa. I don’t believe their trolling of the Haruhi fanbase was a smart decision. I don’t think it made the franchise any new fans. It quite possibly lost them some. But all that starting, stopping, trolling, and fake-outs created a real, bubbling angst under the surface. So when Kadokawa eventually popped that cap, it guaranteed that reception to Haruhi 2 wouldn’t be normal. It would be a cause célèbre.

Kadokawa essentially created the anime otaku’s version of “The Shot Heard ‘Round the World.” For Harutards, because it was a dream finally come true. For Haru-haters, because everywhere they looked, all the Harutards were taking over: 2ch, 4chan, twitter, whatever.

I first found out about it when I ran across Random Curiosity’s post when I was checking out my Google Reader at work. It was a blessing and a curse. A curse, because I couldn’t freak out about it (as much as I wanted at least 😉 ) And a blessing, because I knew I wouldn’t have to drive myself crazy for the next few hours refreshing for fansub releases. It’s silly, but I think I’ll remember that moment, that excitement for a long time.

Where were you when you first heard? What were you doing at that moment?

11 Replies to “Where were you when Haruhi 2 first aired? (Anime’s Shot Heard ‘Round the World)”

  1. im a bus travel wondering myself if it finally something new will appear, also waiting all day to finally comtemplate the internetz explotion… nice stuff 🙂

  2. I had a few minutes to kill at work before heading home, so I decided to check Nano. I would have set a land speed record on my way home had it not been rush hour. For some reason, I thought Haruhi was re-airing on Sundays. This was a most pleasant surprise, and it appears you’ve given me another pleasant surprise. The first light novel is out in the U.S.! Where was all the fanfare? Did I miss it? I didn’t see anyone blog about it. Well, I’m picking that thing up right away tomorrow. Good times!

    Michael | Low on Hit Points’s last blog post..Haruhi FREAKING Suzumiya returns and is as glorious as ever

    1. Who knew, right? I found about it just randomly, I can’t even remember where I saw the reference. Strangely enough Amazon will send me emails about newly released Blue-Rays when I don’t even have a BR player, but new Haruhi merch? No such luck. The book is quite good though, nice, solid hardback, kept the original artwork, manga preview, everything I could ask for. 😆

      1. Hmmm. Stores near me seem to have the paperback version and not the hardcover one. I wonder which one I should get… How big is the hardcover version? I don’t really like huge hardcover books, but I did like the smaller hardcover special edition of the Q-Ko-Chan manga. Plus, I think I prefer the hardcover pic more than the one they use on the paperback. Nitpicky, I know!

        Michael | Low on Hit Points’s last blog post..So I myself won’t forget, there are other shows airing not named Haruhi Suzumiya

      2. I haven’t seen the paperback version, but I like the feel of the hardback version. It’s sturdy but doesn’t feel bulky or heavy at all, especially compared to other hardbacks I own. I’d go with the hardback, but if you’re feeling indecisive, why not get both? 😉

  3. When you told me that the new season was out I was about to go yangire on you, man. For real. I thought you were trolling me Kadokawa style for a moment there.

    Unfortunately, there were also people around me too so I couldn’t freak out as much as I wanted. Good news is that I wasn’t in a public place atm so I didn’t get weird looks when I threw my hands in the air and start to act a bit out of character. I mean how could I not?
    -Season 2 is no longer a myth now-

    keikakudoori’s last blog post..News : GOD HAS RETURNED!! Haruhi is back!

  4. My bf and I came back after being disappointed because the nearby lake was not open till after Memorial Day. So much for tanning. Came home and the first message I get from a friend was “It’s not a troll.” We had just been discussing Haruhi and the new episode airing just the day before. Checked Anime Nano and one after another was HARUHI – it totally made my day. 😀

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