K-ON! episode 8 – Umm, remember me?

I wonder if the excitement over K-ON! has been tempered a bit amidst all the Haruhi pandemonium. Not that one show takes away from another, but K-ON! was the big, bad KyoAni hit on the block. Now, it feels like the second banana waiting in the shadows for the next Haruhi release. You can’t help but wonder if there’s enough excitement to go around. But just in case you forgot about K-ON! for a moment, it hits back with a stage performance (finally!), more Ui, and a brand new character challenging Mio (or in my case, Yui) as the goddess of moe.


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Sengoku Basara, episode 7 – A little bit about leadership

Remarkably little happened during this episode. Both action-wise and story-wise, but for some reason it amped me up for the next episode moreso than the last few episodes have. Maybe it’s because I get the sense that Matsunaga and his shinigami triumvirate could be the first worthy enemies for Kojuuro and Sanada to go all out on (I never really thought Hondam or Azai would bring out the best in Sanada and Masamune). Or maybe it’s because I’m just getting antsy for some balls to the wall action.


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